Sunday, 21 December 2014

HostGator Holiday Dash Sale - 75% off on New Hosting!


The Holiday Dash Sale is back with 75% off on new hosting! HostGator will be running a flash sale tonight at 12am CST (Tomorrow 11.30am for India), and another one at 10am CST. Both flash sales will run for three hours.

Here are Flash Sale Timings:

  • Monday, December 22nd: 12am CST - 2:59am CST
  • Monday, December 22nd: 10am CST - 12:59pm CST

The offer is only valid on new hosting packages, not applicable on renewals or existing hosting plans.

Try to make use of this great offer. If you buy a hosting for three years you will save more.

Click Here to Check the Offer

Thursday, 27 November 2014

[HostGator Black Friday Fire Sale] Up to 75% off on New Hosting Purchases

Hurry up. This is the right time to start your own business. If you need a reliable and trustworthy web hosting for a cheap rate, make use of this great offer from the top web hosting company. Even, if you are hosting your website with another hosting company and consider a migration to a best hosting company, this is for you.


Offer Details

HostGator is offering Black Friday and Cyber Monday Mega Sale. This is only valid only for new hosting and domain purchases. This offer starts on Friday at 12am CST and ends on Monday, December 1st at 11:59pm CST.

You will get 55% off on all purchases. They are also running ten, one hour fire sales, featuring 75% off. The first fire sale starts on Friday at 12am CST and ends at 1am CST.

In addition to the initial 12am Fire Sale, they will be running another nine, one hour, Fire Sales throughout the promotional schedule. They will have four Fire Sales on Black Friday, one on Saturday, one on Sunday, and another four on Cyber Monday. The Cyber Weekend promotions will end on Monday, December 1st, at 11:59pm CST.

So, never miss these fire sale hours. If you miss the Fire Sale offer, you will only get 55% off. So, you have to check regularly for Fire Sale Hours. But, we very well know about a one Fire Sale Hour Which is 12am CST to 1pm CST.

How to Make Use of This Offer?

To make maximum use of this offer, register hosting for three year billing cycle. There are two popular hosting plans. They are Hatchling Plan and Baby Plan. The Hatchling Plan allows you to host one website with unlimited resources and the Baby Plan allows you to host unlimited domains with unlimited resources. Choose a plan according to your need.


Plan Name

Billing Cycle

Normal Price

55% off

Fire Sale 75% off

Hatchling Plan

3 years




Baby Plan

3 years





So, if you purchase a three year Hatchling Plan during Fire Sale hours, you will save $133.65.

If you purchase a three year Baby Plan during Fire Sales hours, you will save $214.65.

No one will miss this great opportunity. So, I will buy a Baby plan too.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Top Ways to Earn SwagBucks

You have learnt how to convert your free time into money in the previous article. We can make money by doing some simple tasks on SwagBucks and ZoomBucks. Both the sites are genuine and trustworthy. But, SwagBucks is the famous one. Many earn thousands of SwagBucks per month. Earning SwagBucks is really easy and the activities we have to do are as simple like updating our social account. I am going to give you some tips to earn SwagBucks as much as possible.

Join SwagBucks

If you have not joined the SwagBucks yet, join here. It is a service which offers wonderful opportunities to earn some additional income in your free time.


Search the Web

You can earn up to 20 SwagBucks per day for just searching the web using their search engine. So, do your daily search on

Attend Daily Surveys

There are two types of survey available, daily survey and gold surveys. Many companies conduct surveys via SwagBucks daily. If you attend and complete surveys, you will get SwagBucks as compensation. You will get 60 SwagBucks to complete a daily survey and as far as gold survey is concerned the amount of SwagBucks will be at least 25 SwagBucks and some survey will earn you 150 SwagBucks. You have to check regularly for surveys. Because, new surveys are updated more than twice a day. So, at least check twice a day for new survey opportunities. If you complete two surveys daily, you may get 200 SwagBucks. Importantly, never miss the gold survey opportunities as they are very easy and new surveys are added regularly.

Tip: Complete all your survey profiles and get 2 SwagBucks for each profile you complete.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Convert Your Free Time into Money

Have you more leisure time? Do you feel boring? Come and learn to convert your time into money instead wasting it. You can make money from your day to day hobbies like searching the internet, answering online polls, installing toolbars etc.

I am going to introduce two websites where you can convert your day to hobbies into money. They are and Read on to know more.

There are many ways to make money using SwagBucks. You have to earn points which are called SwagBucks. Then you can spend them to redeem for prizes. There are varieties of prizes available. You can earn a gift voucher or redeem your SwagBucks for PayPal money. The ways to make SwagBucks are listed below.