Wednesday, 29 August 2012

How to Recover Files from Shortcut Virus

Have you experienced this?

When you plug-in your pen drive into a virus affected computer the files will sometimes change to shortcuts.

I experienced this many times. I had important files in my pen-drive. But when all were changed to shortcuts I could do nothing. I simply formatted my pen-drive. Because there were many malwares in the pen drive.

shortcut virus

After experiencing this many times I had to find a solution. After I finally found the solution. I would like to share that here.

The aim of this article is to create a BAT file which can be opened to recover the files or folders from the shortcuts. If we do so we can always have that file in our pen drives so that it will be very easy to recover files.

The steps are given below.

· Open the notepad.

· Copy and paste the below code.

attrib -h -s /D /s
del *.lnk
del porn.exe

· Save the file with .bat extension. For example “remove_virus.bat “. (You should choose ‘all files’ in the file type)

· Copy the file into your virus affected pen drive.

· Open it. Command Prompt will open.

· It will automatically recover the files and folders. Then it will display some confirmation message. That is to delete the shortcuts. Type Y (that is for Yes) to delete those shortcuts.

· That is all. Your contents are recovered.

Note: Only file will be recovered. Not viruses are removed. You need to scan for viruses.

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  2. 1. Stop write anything to your harddrive,otherwise you will re-write the files and permanently loose your important data.
    2. Use some data recovery software like this one. My friends recommend it to me, it works pretty well. And then scan your hard drive with the program, set a destination folder (folder where recovered files will be saved) somewhere on your computer. When the scan was finished, it will return a file list, you can choose the files you want to recover.
    Hope this help!

  3. there is another way i would like to suggest..when you see that your pendrive has been affected by shortcut virus, just search the name of the file you need to recover on the search box. in most cases, it will be appeared when searching can copy it from there.. :)

  4. I don't mean to sound stupid, but I'm not much of a tecchie. I was wondering why after the Command Prompt opens (I completed each step as written), every line it produces reads "Access Denied" before each file location? Does that mean I still have a virus on my laptop?

    Thank you for any help!

    1. This code is only to remove shortcut virus. If you have other viruses you need to use the anti-virus. Use online virus scanner if you haven’t any.

      As for I understand, I think your files in the drive may not have the read or delete access permission.

    2. Thank you for your response!

      Malwarebytes, Microsoft Security Essentials and Comodo didn't detect anything, but Spybot found a few malware and I seem to have gotten rid of them.

      Some of my files had been sent to my hidden 'Recent' folder and turned into shortcuts (the source files seem to be missing or deleted), so assumed that my laptop was infected with the shortcut virus/trojan. So I was wondering if my Command Prompt was responding to the virus.

      Thank you again!

  5. thank you so much guy who had shared it
    once again thank u so much