Thursday, 20 September 2012

12 Free Voice Recognition Software for PC

Voice recognition software are developed to convert your voice to text or computer commands. They make our works easier. In this article I would like to share some speech recognition software.
  • E-Speaking

Have you thought of controlling your computer using your voice?
If you want software to control your computer using your voice this is the right choice.
· You can control your computer using your voice.
For Example: If you say “Open MS Word”, it will open the Microsoft office word.
· It saves time by reducing our work of searching the file location. How? You can set the speech command for file so that you can open them by your speech.
· It has over 100 built-in commands.
· You can command for mouse events also.
· Easy to use software.
· You can type fast in office applications like word and notepad since your speech is converted into texts.
· You can improve your English.
If you pronounce the words wrongly it won’t recognize. So you need to pronounce the words correctly so that you will learn better English.
Download Link: Download here

Other Software

There are more software available. I listed out them below. Those software are developed for blind people or to control your computers. Some designed to help software developers to type programs easily. Also checks them and download the one which you think the best.
  • Dictation Pro

dictationThis is the speech recognition software to help you type faster. You can save your time by using accurate software. It works very quickly for voice formatting.
  • Emacspeak --The Complete Audio Desktop

emacspeakIt has the complete tool to operate your computer using voice.
Download Link: Emacspeak
Support Forum
  • Speech Technology-Free Speech Recognition Software

speech-techThis is also best software for speech recognition.


  • MARF (Modular Audio Recognition Framework)

marfIt can be used as source for learning.
Download Link
How to install



  • NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA)

nvdaThis is actually designed to speak as we type in any application or move the cursor on any folder or application. For example when move the mouse cursor on a folder named “Movies” the software will speak “Movies”. It will be helpful for blind people to access the computer.
Download       Support

  • RWTH ASR - The RWTH Aachen University Speech Recognition System

rwthThis is a package containing speech recognition decoder for Linux and Mac operating systems.



  • Julius

It has a large vocabulary for efficient speech recognition.
Users Forum


  • The Festival Speech Synthesis System




  • CMU Sphinx

cmu sphinxDownload



  • Shout Speech Recognition




  • HTK (Hidden Markov Model Toolkit)


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