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A Glance about Bigrock-Domain Registration and Hosting Service

Bigrock is a leading Indian domain registrar and hosting company. And it is becoming popular day by day because of it’s well known good service. It provides the following services.
· Domain registration
· Domain transfer
· Web hosting
· DIY website builder(web designing)
· SSL certificates and
· Email hosting

Domain Registration

Bigrock is well known for this service. Domain registration and management is very simple and easy. Within few seconds your domain will be available on the internet after you purchase. Finding the best suitable domain for your business is the important one. It will be very simple if you use the free domain suggestion tool provided by Bigrock. There are more than 50 domain extensions available to purchase.
Domains are very cheap comparing with other domain registrars. How? Consider .com domain. The fee is Rs.599/yr in Bigrock. But In Godaddy the fee is Rs.499.99/yr. Then, in what way Bigrock is cheap? When you renew your domain after a year Bigrock is cheap. The renewal fee is the same Rs.599/yr where as in Godaddy it is Rs.699.99/yr. Also in Bigrock you can save more money when you register or renew domains for multiple years. For example, if you register or renew a domain for ten years the fee is Rs.549/yr.
Also there are coupon codes available to get some discount, not only for domain registration but also for other services. You will get more information about coupon code later in this article. Bigrock provides some free benefits to users when they purchase a domain. The free benefits are some free add-ons to the domain. But you don’t find these free benefits in other domain registrars. They are multiple email accounts, privacy protection, domain thief protection and domain forwarding.
Free With Every Domain Purchase
· Free Email Accounts- Two Personalized emails with 100MB each. Also anti-spam and virus protection free.
· Privacy Protection- Your details will be protected from spammers.
· Multiple Mail Forward - You can create many emails and the incoming emails will be forwarded to your existing emails like
· DNS management- Manage sub domains, emails, FTP and more.
· Domain Theft Protection – Security for your domains.
· Domain Forwarding – Forward your domain to existing domain.
This website, Rich Info Site is purchased from Bigrock. I was amazed when I did registration. Because, within two minutes I finished registration and payment. Then the domain was activated instantly and I mapped the domain to my blogger blog.

Domain Transfer

This is another great feature. You will get 20% discount and a free one year extension. That means, if you transfer your domain for a year you will get one more year and the total is two years. Domain transfer is an affordable one in Bigrock.
To know more about domain transfer go to this web address. The free benefits available for domain registration are applicable for domain transfer too.

Web Hosting

Bigrock shared hosting has the following common features.
· Unlimited space for domains
· Unlimited bandwidth
· Unlimited emails( each email has 2GB storage)
· Support: Dedicated 24/7 technical support
· Server Uptime:99.9% uptime
· Fully equipped with cPanel(control panel) Control
· Rs. 8000* Google AdWords Credit
· 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Linux Webhosting
It includes,
· PHP Version 5
· Perl
· Python
· Unlimited MySQL Database
· Applications like blog and CMS.
· Email and more.
There are four types of plans available. To know more about features and plans of Linux webhosting click this link.
Windows Hosting
It too has many features and plans. It has some extra features like ASP.NET. Visit this link to know more about it.

Specialized Webhosting

It is for Hosted CMS like Wordpress and Drupal. This is a hosting with the feature of one click installation of popular CMS software and great support. The plans and other features are same as Windows or Linux webhosting.
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited email and
  • Unlimited disk space
  • 99.9% server uptime
  • Dedicated 24/7 Wordpress technical support
  • 1 click Wordpress/Joomla/Drupal Installation with cPanel platform
  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee
  • Rs.2500* Google AdWords Credit and more

DIY (Do It Yourself) Website Builder

There is a hosting option with easy to use website builder that is called DIY. It is a drag and drop website builder and minimizes our work. No need of any programming knowledge. There are more than 175 templates available. The pages are search engine optimized. There are many add-ons available like photo albums, maps, videos, e-commerce features and much more. Also your website is ad-free and has the social networks integrated. More about DIY.

SSL Certificates

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is to manage the security of message transmission on the internet. Website that stores and transmits customer information needs SSL certificate. Bigrock provides affordable plans. See details.

Email Hosting

If you want to get emails for your business website use this service. The key features are Unlimited Webmail/POP3/IMAP/SMTP Access, Mail clients like outlook compatible, advanced virus and spam protection, mobile phones compatible and Rs.2500 Google AdWords credit. The plan details can be found here.

Coupon Code

We can get discount on Bigrock purchase using coupon codes. You can use this website that is as coupon code. You can get 10% of discount on domain purchase, 20% on hosting purchase and 25% on DIY Website Builder purchase. This coupon code is applicable for all except .in domains and VPS hosting purchase. You can directly go to the discount page using the following link.
Bigrock up to 25% Discount

Payment Options

I was taken aback about the options Bigrock provides for payment. There are many means of payment. Here they are. Debit card, internet banking, credit card, direct deposit in bank account, cheque or draft and PayPal. Many don’t want to use credit card or they don’t have it. So, they very well use internet banking and debit card. Bigrock supports all bank debit cards. As I already said I purchased this domain from Bigrock and it was available instantly. I used SBI debit card and after the purchase I got the control panel of this domain. So, purchasing products from Bigrock is easy and cool. Other options like direct deposit to bank account and paying through cheque or draft make any Tom, Dick and Harry to purchase from Bigrock.


Bigrock has dedicated 24/7 support. When I contacted the Bigrock team, to tell you the truth, I got the reply within a day. We can find more positive comments on internet about Bigrock support. Also they have live chat support too.


I am happy about Bigrock. You can find only few negative comments about it on the internet. My experience confirms that Bigrock is the best one for domain purchase. I know very little about other products like hosting I can’t assure about the reset except domain purchase.

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