Saturday, 5 January 2013

Chatwing-Add Chat Feature to Your Blog or Website

Today I am going to introduce a great tool for blogs and websites and that is a Chat Widget. Yes, a chat widget which is free. Chatwing is an application for blogs and websites to connect to the world which is very simple to use. It is developed for web developers in order to integrate chat feature to their websites and there by visitors can chat with others. This increases the web presence of the visitors and increases user engagement and traffic of the website where the Chatwing’s chatbox is integrated. Simply saying, Chatwing adds an interactive feature to our websites.Chatwing's Chatbox Demo

There are three types of implementation of Chatwing. They are embedding chatbox on your website, creating a custom URL like and link it on your site like adding a popout chat button like “Chat Now” to your site. The developers of Chatwing focus on fast and real time communication on the platforms like website, forum and blog. Chatwing is integrated with Facebook and Twitter.

How does it Work?

When you embed the chatbox on your site the interactive feature will be enabled. So, the chatbox will appear on your site. The users can login using Facebook or Twitter and chat with other users who activate the same. Users can also login as guest. Admins need to choose which login method they prefer to allow others to login.


· Chatwing is Free.

· Engage Users:
Embed the widget on your site, communicate with users and provide the feature to them to share thoughts. So, your website visitors will give their presence more on your site.

· Each individual Chatwing application can allow more than 7000+ live users.

· Chatwing can be embedded on any site.

· We can create unlimited chatboxes.

· Login with Facebook, Twitter or Guest and offers us to choose any login method such as only one or all.

· We can change the size of the widget so as to fit to embed on our site.

· Customization Feature:
Completely customize Chatwing like background image, font, font size, look of the widget, add your own background image and many more customizable options.

· One of the pretty cool features is we can play music inside chat.

· Custom words' filter option.

· Spam protection by banning spammers via IP address or Facebook or Twitter account.

· Add moderators for your chat and pave way to manage it.

· Create your own URL for Chat like or link a chat button on your site so that when user clicks on it, a popout chatbox will appear.

· Managing users like deleting and unbanning them.

· And there are many more features too.

· Obviously, there are even more features beyond these free features for premium members.

Many websites have started to implement Chatwing on their websites to add interactive features and engaging users. Also because of it’s highly customizable feature it’s popularity also increases. I hope you will also add a chatbox to your site.

Website: Chatwing

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