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Requesting-Useful Phrases

When you request someone to do something your speech ought to be polite enough.

Useful Phrases
  • Would you mind….., please?
  • Do you mind……., please?
  • Please join us.
  • Please quit the place.
  • Please do me a favour by….
  • I hope you don’t mind my asking …..
  • Please finish the work as soon as possible.
  • I’d be (very) grateful if you could……
  • Please come in time.
  • Please go through this page/assignment/article/book…
  • Please meet Mr./ Mrs.……
  • Please pardon me.
  • I am sorry to trouble you, but…..
  • Try to forget the mistake please.
  • I’ve no other go except requesting you/seeking your help.
  • I request you to leave me free/alone.
  • Please leave me alone/free.
  • I prefer you to….
  • I beg you to….
Example Dialogue-1

Father: Come on my son.

Sun: Yes dad, here I am.

Father: Could you go to aunt’s house?

Sun: What for dad?

Father: Today is uncle’s birthday.

Sun: Sorry I can’t dad.

Father: May I know the reason?

Sun: I have to attend a drawing competition.

Father: Would you don’t mind going there after the competition?

Sun: Please leave me alone dad, I have some other important works also today. I prefer you to go and wish her on my behalf. See you dad.

Example Dialogue-2

Guna: Sir, Can I have a 2 litter sprite?

Shopkeeper: Here it is.

Guna: Can I have a carry bag please?

Shopkeeper: Sure.

Guna: Very kind of you.

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