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Now a days all webmasters want everything free to create a website. Of course, there are many free hosting services available online. Among them only few are genuine. Ucoz is one among them. I’ve already written an article about Weebly free hosting service which gives you unlimited storage and bandwidth with drag and drop website builder. Ucoz also gives you the same but with different and unique feature.
Before going to the review you may check the article, ‘Free Online Tools Needed for Webmasters to Create Cool Websites’.


Ucoz is one of the popular free hosting services. It is becoming more and more popular because of its peculiar and unique features and the great website builder. It has 7 years of experience in webhosting. As of now more than 1,000,000 active websites are there in Ucoz and it is getting more than 100 million website views per day. It is the project for everyone who wants to create a free website which is more likely a paid website and enjoy the web designing and management. To my opinion Ucoz gives us uncountable great features than any other hosting and we can’t fully list out them. So, in this article I am going to list out some of the features, some advantages and disadvantages of using


  • Uptime 99%.
  • Unlimited bandwidth. That means no traffic limit. This is similar like Weebly.
  • Storage:
    Initially 400MB and increasing based on your website traffic which means ‘more traffic-more storage’. My experience says, if your website has 100 visitors per month you will get up to 100MB increase in the storage in six months.
  • You can create your website in 16 languages.
  • Free Domain Extensions Available:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and
  • More than 250 default templates available to choose and even we can create our own template.
  • There are thousands of widgets and gadgets available to include in any webpage or sidebar of the site.
  • Data and template backup can be done and restored later.
  • Control Panel in 10 languages to manage your site.
  • Website management is easy and simple.
  • Global website menu and menu manager to create custom menus of our choice.
  • Page Editor:
    We can create and edit pages. Page editor can be used to edit pages visually or we can also use HTML editor or BB code Editor.
  • Attach your own domain.
  • Attach your own email.
  • Site searching feature.
  • Comments management.
  • Mobile phone optimized.
  • Contact Us Page.

Unique Features:

The other free webhosting services may give the above features. But, the following features are may be unique to Ucoz.
  • Build-in modern and peculiar CMS (Content Management System).
  • Ucoz has its own template and content language for ease of customization. Own template language? Yes, this language has data types and case statements similar to other programming languages. But, this language can be understood easily by the beginners. LookUcoz Template Demo.
    Templates will look clean and neat. Look at the image above which shows an example template.
    The template is divided into containers and blocks so that we can manage it easily.
  • We can organize users in groups like administrators, users, moderators, checked, friends, blocked and guests.
  • Assign permissions to each group of users or create your own group and assign permissions.
  • File manager with uploading feature through web interface or FTP.
  • RSS Import-Show the latest news from RSS feeds you like.
  • Substitution of Default phrases-For example we may change nickname to username in the template. 
  • We can block unwanted users from visiting the website via IP address.
  • Banner rotator-This is cool. No need to know jQuery or JavaScript. Add banners and Ucoz CMS will do the rest.
  • API facility for your website users.
  • Modules:
    All modules can be used to add community features to our site. Each module has its own functions. All modules have the feature of allowing other users to add entries, comments, rate entries, share articles and more. We may align the entries in what way we like.
    Site News-We can update latest news about the site or related to the content theme of the site.
    Forum-The importance of forum is well known to all. Ucoz gives us this feature.
    Publisher-This is like an article directory or press release.
    File Catalog-This is like a blog and specially designed for files.
    Site Catalog-Website Directory feature allows others to add their sites and we can organize the directory by categories.
    Ad Board-You may allow the users to post free ads like or similar classifieds.
    Blog-You may assign permissions to users so as to give them guest author permission.
    Photo Albums-It is similar to the CMS Gallery photo album organizer.
    Online Games-This will be useful when we want to design an online gaming website. Ucoz has many default games and you can add your own games too.
    Guestbook-This module avails users to say something about your site and give you some useful tips.
    FAQ-Add some frequently asked questions from users and their answers.
    Tests-Create online tests and user may attend them and view the result.
    Tag Board-It is a chat application.
    Email Forms-Contact form and tell a friend features. Send emails to all users using mass mail dispatch.
    Web Polls-Create online polls and know what users think about something.
    Statistics-Detailed web stats of your site.
    Video-This is very important feature. You can create a video site like YouTube. Add videos from YouTube and other similar sites. Users can also do the same and even upload directly to YouTube via your site.
    The most valuable feature is all modules have RSS facility. So, users can get latest updates directly from it. Each module can be customized and we can assign our own templates.
  • Statistics for you to analyze your website traffic for better SEO optimization and Hit Counter for your website so as to tell the visitors about the website traffic.
  • Apply personal template for each page.
  • Add copyright information to all images you upload to your site automatically.
  • Your website will be included in their directory and you will get back link and traffic.
  • Rules for registration can be edited.
  • We can rate and rank users by giving points, awards and more to encourage them to participate in our site.

What can you do with

Ucoz is best suitable for users who need premium websites free.

You can create-

  • Personal home pages,
  • Portals like web directory and articles directory,
  • Video Sites like YouTube,
  • Fan Sites,
  • Blogs and community forums,
  • Educational and government websites,
  • Photo gallery websites.
  • And Ucoz can be limited only by your thought, but not so. Each modules mentioned above in the features can alone be used as standalone website. I will post articles in this blog on how to use Ucoz system for various website types later.


I wondered about the features that gives. But I’ve really taken aback because of its support. Users actively participate in Ucoz support forum. I haven’t seen this much of active participation of users online even in AdSense forum. I always get solutions for my problems within a day.


Ucoz system has more advantages than disadvantages. Some of the advantages that should be highlighted are,

  • Unlimited Disk space and Bandwidth.
  • Great Support.
  • Total Website Control-You are the webmaster. You can assign permissions to others and secure your site. You can delete your site whenever you want.
  • Easy design and management like organizing template with blocks.
  • You will get a virtual desktop. This is like PC desktop with shortcuts to manage websites. We can organize shortcuts. Even it has games to play like in PC.
  • One thing I very much like in Ucoz is we can manage our sites even in slow internet connection. The control panel, WYSIWYG website builder and other admin pages load very fast.
    Another great advantage is ‘site temporarily not available feature’. What is it? Sometimes you want to change the whole website like the look and its content. While changing if users view the site they will get confused.
    Because when you try to change the template, you will obviously try many templates and then finalize one template that you like. So users will see a template on a page and other template on the other page and sometimes an error page if the template you try has errors. To avoid this, use ‘site is temporarily not available’ feature and a message will be shown to visitors.
  • After you change your site you can make it available to the world. You can also make a page content temporarily unavailable.


Ya. What you think is absolutely correct. We can’t get all features free.
The disadvantages are,

  • Ad supported. But the ads are not flash, banner or annoying ads. Just a simple top bar ad and a footer link to See the images below which show the demo of these ads. Banner Ad
    Ucoz Top Banner Ad Link Ad
    Ucoz Footer Link
  • There is one more module that is E-Shop module which is available only for premium members. It can be used to sell products online or create our own online store like Amazon an eBay. But free users can’t get it.
  • Though the disk space will increase to unlimited the initial space is only 400MB. So, Ucoz is not suitable for users who need lot of storage for their files. But if they get great traffic the storage will increase huge so as to save more files.
  • PHP is not available for free users.
  • No internal user registration. All the registrations are handled by Ucoz but not by your site. You need to upgrade to activate internal user registration.
  • There are some complains in the internet about the loading time of Ucoz sites. In my experience I would say that Ucoz websites load slightly slower than 000Webhost websites but not that much slower. I can’t hide but say, Ucoz websites on first loading take slightly more time than normal websites’ loading time. But once loaded they take very minimum time to load other pages which is lesser than normal websites’ loading time.
  • Website deletion if it is inactive for some days. But don’t worry. Ucoz team will send you a warning email and give you the option of restoring your site within 15 days.


Ucoz is becoming more and more popular because of its unique features. It will give you different web designing and learning experience. The website builder, it provides very much impressed me. Even though that is not a drag and drop website builder it is very easy to use because of its pre-defined phrase to include something in the coding. Weebly is a drag and drop website building platform. But we can’t get as much as widgets there, as we get here. I have seen many paid hosting services online which give very less features than Ucoz free plans. So, my conclusion is ‘Ucoz is not a free hosting; It’s a free premium hosting’.

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