Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Warning Someone - Useful Phrases

  • Be careful!
  • Be cautious/prudent/alert.
  • Mind your tongue/words/language/business.
  • Don’t be foolish.
  • You’d better……
  • Look out.
  • Don’t act silly.
  • Watch out for……
  • I consider it’s a wrong idea as for me.
  • I warn you….
  • I challenge you…
  • Don’t be stupid.
  • Watch out……
  • I think that is not very wise
  • I am displeased with you.
  • What a hell on you.
  • I should be careful…..if I were you
  • Are you mad?

Example Dialogue:

Mother: Go to the shop and get some vegetables.

Son: What vegetables should I buy?

Mother: ¼ kg carrot and ¼ kg beans.

Son: Yes mom. (He runs)

Mother: Don’t run. You may fall down.

Son: Ok, mom.

Mother: Be careful while crossing the road!

Son: It’s alright.

Mother: Don’t be silly. Take a bag with you.

Son: You are wrong. I am having a carry bag.

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