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How to Setup a Bigrock.com Domain or Subdomain for Your Blogger Blog

Today we all create blogs in Blogger because of its simplicity. Blogger provides the sub domain. If you want to have your own domain for your blog you have to register a domain from a domain registrar like Bigrock and map it to your Blogger blog. I am using Bigrock domain registration service and it is really great. In this article I am going to explain how to map a domain purchased from Bigrock or a sub domain of that to your Blogger blog. Follow the step by step procedure.

1. After logging in to your Bigrock account you will get the list of orders that means your purchased domains. bigrock-blogger-mapping-bigrock-list-of-orders

2. Click the domain which you want to map to your Blogger blog. You will get the control panel of the domain.

3. Scroll down and find “DNS Management”. Under that there will be a link which is “Manage DNS”. Click that link. You will get the manage records page in a new window. In the horizontal tabs the possible records adding options will be there. To map your domain to your blog you need to add A records and CNAME records.bigrock-blogger-mapping-dns-management

Mapping a Main Domain (http://www.yourdomain.com)

(Here I use images which are taken when I mapped one of my domains www.tamilpriyan.com to my blog. Now, assume that the domain you purchased from Bigrock is www.yourdomain.com.)

4. First you need to add the A records. By default the “A records” button is active. Click the “Add A Record” button which is in the second row.bigrock-blogger-mapping-A-records

5. Now you have to fill the fields. Leave the “Host Name” field blank as you are adding A records for the main domain. Enter in the “Destination IPv4 Address” field. Leave the default value as it is in the “TTL” field.bigrock-blogger-mapping-adding-A-records

6. Similarly follow the above step for three more “Destination IPv4 Address”. They are, and

7. Then you need to add CNAME records. Click on the “CNAME Records” button which is in the first row. Then click “Add CNAME Record” Button.bigrock-blogger-mapping-CNAME-Record

bigrock-blogger-mapping-add-CNAME-Record8. On the Add CNAME Record page fill the below details.
Host Name-WWW
Value (Choose the second radio button which is Type In A Fully Qualified Domain Name)-ghs.google.com
TTL-Leave the default value.bigrock-blogger-mapping-adding-CNAME-records

9. Now come to your Blogger Dashboard of the blog. Go to settings->Basic. (For easy navigation leave the domain control panel tab as it is and open the Blogger Dashboard in a new tab.)

10. Under “Publishing” there is a field which is “Blog Address”. Click “Add a custom domain”.bigrock-blogger-mapping-blogger-settings-page

11. Next go to advanced setting by clicking the link “Switch to advanced settings”.bigrock-blogger-mapping-blogger-changing-address

12. Enter your domain (www.yourdomain.com) and click save button.bigrock-blogger-mapping-blogger-changing-address-enter-your-address

13. Sometimes it may show error like below image. Because you need to add another CNAME record which is generated by Blogger to verify your domain. Look at the below image. It shows you need to add Two CNAME records. You have already added the first one. Now you need to add the second one which is generated to verify your domain. bigrock-blogger-mapping-blogger-changing-address-error-page

14. Now come to the Bigrock tab and add the second CNAME record- Refer step 8.

15. Come again to the Blogger dashboard tab and click save button. (If Blogger is not accepting the domain and again shows error just wait for some time and then save.)

16. After saving you can see that your domain is mapped with your blog. You need to do one more thing. Click the link “Edit”.bigrock-blogger-mapping-Blogger-editing-the-address

17. Then check the “Redirect yourdomain.com to www.yourdomain.com” option and save.bigrock-blogger-mapping-Blogger-redirecting-the-address

That is all. Wait some time (normally a few minutes to a few hours. But in the worst case it is a day) for the settings to take effect. After that, your domain will be active and live online.

Mapping a Sub Domain (http://sub.yourdomain.com)

A domain is http://www.yourdomain.com and the sub is http://sub.yourdomain.com. Note www and sub. The domain has www and a sub domain has anything other than www like blog.yourdomain.com, w2w.yourdomain.com and whichever you want. You have to carefully understand that www.sub.yourdomain.com should not work. Only instead of www if you use sub it will work according to this tutorial. That means generally http://sub.yourdomain.com is the sub domain and not the http://www.sub.yourdomain.com (Though we can create it is not appreciated).

Assume the sub domain is sub.yourdomain.com. Here below the steps to map it to your Blogger blogs.

The procedure is same as mapping the main domain. Yet there are some important steps to be altered since it is a sub domain.

If you have already mapped a main domain to a Blogger blog:

In this case you have already done till the step 6. Just do the remaining steps with some alteration as given below.

1. In the step 8, now the Host Name-sub (change to your sub value).

2. In the step 12, the domain is sub.yourdomain.com (Change to your sub domain).

3. In the step 17, you need to uncheck “Redirect yourdomain.com to sub.yourdomain.com” option if it is checked. Why? Because yourdomain.com is the main domain and should be redirected to www.yourdomain.com. If it is redirected to the sub domain you will lose the main domain visitors. bigrock-subdomain-blogger-mapping-dont-redirect

4. Possible errors:
After I mapping the sub domain, the main domain got issues. tamilpriyan.com was not redirecting to www.tamilpriyan.com. It showed an error. When I checked the settings I found that “Redirect tamilpriyan.com to www.tamilpriyan.com” option is unchecked since in sub domain blog “Redirect tamilpriyan.com to test.tamilpriyan.com” is checked. I corrected that error. So ultimately yourdomain.com should be redirected to www.yourdomain.com.

If you have already mapped a main domain to a hosting service and you want to map a sub domain to your Blogger blog:

For example you mapped your main domain which is www.yourdomain.com to 000webhost.com and you want to map the sub.yourdomain.com to your Blogger blog, follow the below procedure.

1. Follow the steps under “Mapping a Main Domain (http://www.yourdomain.com)” till the step 8 except in the step 5 the Host Name value should “sub” (without the double quotes) instead of blank.

2. Then follow the steps which are under “If you have already mapped a main domain to a Blogger blog”.

That is all. Note that you have to wait for few minutes to a few hours for the settings to be activated. To know more about Bigrock click this link.

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  2. hey i did perfect but still having error - "We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 13." what should i do now?

    1. Please refer step number 13 of 'Mapping a Mani Domain' and do as given. It will perfectly work.

  3. respected sir
    in CNAME www & ghs.google.com is not added. only secon CNAME for my blog is add in big rock so what to do? please give answer

    1. Hello Sir,
      You can add CNAME www & ghs.google.com without any issue. Even this blog is mapped with Bigrock domain. Please follow the step number 8 of 'Mapping a Main Domain'. It will perfectly work. If you still have any issue, please refer the presentation of mapping a Bigrock domain to Blogger given in the following website.

  4. hello bro my blog is ayanakbarkhan.blogsot.in and i want purchase for this blogger www.akbarkhan.net it possible or not?

    1. If you want to purchase an already registered domain, you have to ask the admin of that domain.

  5. thnx bro it completed but why not showing my domain in google search engine - www.akbarkhan.net

    1. Submit your domain to Google Webmaster Tools and wait for some weeks.