Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Seeking Permission-Useful Phrases

When you seek others’ permission follow the following phrases in apt situation.

Useful phrases
  • Could I…..,please?
  • Can i……,please?
  • May i…..,please?
  • Do/would you mind my……ing?
  • Would it be possible to...?
  • I’d be glad/happy if you….
  • Would you mind rendering this timely …..
  • Would you allow me please?
  • I wonder if I could….
  • Won’t you let me go, please?
  • If you don’t mind, I’d like to……
  • Have you any objection to my….ing?
Example Dialogue-1

Daughter: Are you free mom?

Mother: Yes, what do you want?

Daughter: Can I go for an outing today?

Mother: Let me know the reason, please.

Daughter: I am in an urge to buy some study materials.

Mother: Go ahead.

Daughter: I’d glad if you give Rs.1000 mom.

Mother: Here it is.

Daughter: Sweet of you, mom.

Example Dialogue-2

Friend 1: If you don’t mind, could I use your piano?

Friend 2: Sure.

Friend 1: I have to practise music notes for tomorrow’s cultural programme.

Friend 2: Feel free to use it.

Friend 1: I wonder if I would practise the music well.

Friend 2: It’s my pleasure to guide you.

Friend 1: Would you not mind bringing my girl friend too for practice?

Friend 2: No, I am not happy about your idea.

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