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List of File Hosting Services [with Directlinking/Hotlinking] to Include Files in Blogger Blogs

Drive-file storageBlogger platform has many advantages and disadvantages. And a Blogger account has some limitations too. Blogger provides us everything we need except the storage space for files. This is the main limitation for bloggers. We can upload our images and videos but not files. We may want to share e-books or some files to our readers. But if our blog is created on, we have no storage space for files.

How to avoid it?

Of course, as we all know we need to use a file hosting service. We need to store files in a cloud based file hosting service, get links and include them in blog posts.

Ok. What do the Free File Hosting Services do?

When you host your file in free file hosting services, you will not get its direct download link. Instead you will get the link to an intermediate page. This page has many banner ads and popup ads. Also there will be a download button in the page. But, when you click it to download, a timer will start counting and after the finishing the counting you will get a temporary download link. Mostly, the file being downloaded from this link does not support resume. Most of the users get irritated because of this type of free file hosting services. So we need a file hosting service which gives direct link or hotlink of files so that they can be included in blog posts or pages.

What is Hotlinking?

Hotlinking allows you to provide a direct download links of files on your website or blog. That means if someone clicks a file link, the file will be downloaded immediately. So there are no intermediate pages before downloading a file and no waiting time. This will make the users feel like as the files are hosted on your web server itself.

Free File Hosting Services Which Give Direct Link/Hot Link to File Download:

1. Ubuntu One
Here you can get a 5 GB free cloud storage. If you share files to public it can be directly downloaded by users. You can download PC client software to sync, take backup and share your files easily.

2. Kiwi6
This is a great service especially for mp3 files. They provide you unlimited bandwidth, hotlinking and instant download features for your files. The storage space may be limited to some amount. I have read on a website about Kiwi6 that they give you unlimited storage and bandwidth for mp3 files whereas 2 GB storage, 100 MB maximum file size and 30 GB hotlinking per month for other files.

3. FileDEN
They offer 1 GB free storage and 100 MB maximum file size limit. But they limit the bandwidth to 5 GB per month.

4. Open Drive
This is also very famous one. Get free 5 GB storage and 1 GB bandwidth per day. The file size limit is 100 MB and the download speed is up to 200 KB/s. You can also download PC client software and upload file directly from your computer.

5. File to Link
Here, no limit in storage. We can upload and get links for as many files as we want. But the file size limit is 2 GB. Disadvantages are files don’t support resume and download speed is very low.

6. Dropbox
They offer 2 GB storage initially and we can get 500 MB per referral to increase the storage up to 18 GB. They offer a desktop client tool using which you can directly upload files from your computer by drag and drop.

Other Trustable Free File Hosting Services:

These services will not give you the feature of hotlinking files. But when you click the file link you will get the view page of it which has the content of the file. There you can download the file. But no advertisements and waiting time for the files to start the download. These services are widely used by webmasters.

1. Google Drive
We always trust Google’s products. So this is the best choice for us to host our files. We not only can host the files but also edit them online. When you share your files, others can download and share them. Also they can view the content of the files. For example, if the file is a zip file, they can view the files in the archive. Here in Google Drive you will get 5 GB file storage limit.

2. Sky Drive
This is from Microsoft. Get 7 GB free storage. This is also similar like Google Drive. You can store, edit and share files publicly.

Both services offer PC client software to sync your files to your cloud storage.

There are many free file hosting services available. But I only listed out the file hosting services that give direct download links for files or do not show advertisements in the intermediate pages of files before downloading. Choose a file hosting service according to your need.

If you find any file hosting service which fits to the theme of this article you shall include it in your comments.

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  1. Very Very Helpfull

  2. is new Web site which offers 10gb website hosting
    with cpanel and it also helps you to host the wordpress and many more have an look at

  3. thank.........

  4. Thank you for this round-up. I was using mail but after reading your post I am going to check out these sites. To see more info please visit

  5. Great info admin.

    Visit my android blog:

  6. I've been using Fileden since 2009 . i used to upload my files there so i could download them later from my mobile like mp3s and such . But now fileden has become and doesn't offers hotlinking for free users.
    But the most sad part about CX is that , you won't get to see even a download page , when you are trying to download your uploaded file , from a mobile.

    And if you talk about OpenDrive , then i would say its another useless site when it comes to downloading my opendrive files from mobile .
    I mean today i uploaded one mp4 video on OpenDrive from PC, and then after downloading it to my mobile i found out the video won't play.
    Guess what , OpenDrive messed with my file , changed its extension or codec and now it won't play.
    ... I mean the same mp4 video played on my mobile few weeks ago when i grabbed it from rapidshare to my mobile.

    If only rapidshare didn't removed our inactive files within 30 days and offered storage for more than a year , then i would have gone for RS :(

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience. You are right. Many give free services to catch users. Then, they try to cheat us. Only money matters.

  7. If any of you come across a filehost that promises to forever store our files for free or atleast for a year , then please do mention it here.
    I have built my own mobile site where i want to post all download links of my uploaded files . But till now i couldn't find any good filehost.

    This seems like the end of the world.
    All good things are coming to an end.
    First the death of megaupload ,
    then the death of filehosts like fileserve , uploadstation etc.
    Then the death of the torrent site demonoid :( Then the death of fileden . Wonder what's next

    1. I think, you can trust Dropbox. I have been seeing many sites using it to host there files. Also you can trust Google Drive and Sky Drive since they are from leading networks. Many use Google sites as a file hosting service.

    2. The problem with dropbox is , in order to upload files to their server i need to have a copy of the file im uploading in my c drive dropbox folder. If i delete or move my file from my c drive , the file uploaded on dropbox may get deleted.
      Fileden was really a good site. Used it from 2009 to 2011.
      I uploaded many 3gp videos including adult vids and nokia themes and apps to publish the links on my mobile site. But now its gone :(

      i even tried Google drive and Sky drive as you said , but they don't support hotlinking . After i uploaded my files there , i posted the links on my mobile site , then i visited my mobile site from my mobile phone and tried to download those files , but instead i was redirected to their homepage.
      Very Dissapointing.

    3. Frankly speaking, we should not rely on free services. Anyways, if you have hosted your files on Google Drive, at least they might be alive now. Try Google sites to host files. It is very secure and trustworthy. But, hot linking is not possible. Please note that never use Google sites just to host files. Try to create websites having one or two pages and then host your files on them.

  8. most of the file hosting companies you listed don't support hotlinking / direct-download

  9. Thanks for the reply . Yeah i know many people nowadays are making their own sites or purchasing domains like "their site name".com
    But prob is , i don't know web designing , and neither i can afford a web domain . So is there any website where i can build my site for free where no web building knowledge is needed and also host files there ?? Thanks

    1. Google Sites is useful for small storage websites. If you want more storage, then Weebly is the best choice. They give unlimited storage and provide mobile optimization of sites. Read the review about Weebly here. You can also get a free domain for your site. Read this article. Even, you can get a pro hosting for free.

  10. very helpful I was searching it from long time , I loved Ubuntu hosting it's best and Brand , must bookmark page Particularly for blogger blogs

  11. you cannot hot link with open drive

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