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Some Google Search Tips and Tricks

Google is the leading search engine. It gives accurate results for our search terms. Google is faster than any other search engine. Here are some tips to search Google.

To search all links of a website indexed by Google

If you want to search only the pages of a specific website you have to search these terms Suppose if I want to search how many pages in my website are indexed by Google I have to use the terms

To search within a specific site

If you search money, the results will be only the pages from this site which matches the keyword money.

To search back links of a site

Backlinks are the other web pages that link to your site's pages. We can search websites linking our site. To search my website’s back link the query is link: "".

To search a specific file type

Searching Learn English filetype:pdf will result only pdf files containing the search terms Learn English.
Searching Learn English filetype:ppt will result only power point presentations.
Similarly you can search for other file types too.

To search exact phrase

Searching “Learn English” will result the web pages having the terms Learn English (in order) but not Leaning English or English Learning.

To find the meaning of a word

If you search God meaning you can get the meaning of the word God. That means if you want to get the meaning of a word you have to append the word meaning with the word you want to search.
Another way is to put define: operator in front of the word that you want to search to get the definition of the word. Example: define: English.


We can use Google to convert a number from one unit to another unit.
Example: Use the query miles to km to convert a number from miles to kilometres. The demo is given in the image below.
Length Conversion from Mile to Kilometer using Google
Similarly, dollars to INR is to get the Indian rupee value of dollar money.
So the logic is we have to use the notation of the unit. For example, cm to m means centimetres to meters.

Search images to get accurate web results

I explained this trick already in the previous post. Again I explain it here.
Suppose if you want to search for Blogger template, search in Google image search. The results might be the demo images of Blogger templates. So if you like any image go to the image’s website and download the template.

Get IEEE papers

To get IEEE papers we need to subscribe. But if you search the name of the IEEE paper in Google scholar you may get that.

Get flight timings

Syntax: Airline_Name Filght_Number. So change the two variables to get the arrival and departure time of a flight.

Check Whether

Syntax of Query: weather place_name.
Example: weather Chennai.

Get the map of a place

We need to use map: operator before the place name. For example, map:Chennai.

To get the world time

Syntax: time country_name.
Example: time India.

Movie showtimes

Just enter the term movie and search to get the available movie showtimes at your place. Or you can search the specific movie name.

To get the result of mathematical calculations

Just search the mathematical calculation. For example, searching 20*63-34+78/100= results 1226.78. So to solve impossible or difficult problems use the Google search engine.

Get Cricket score

If I search Ind vs Aus in Google the first result will be the live score of the match if a cricket match is happening now between the two teams India and Australia.

If you know any other tips you shall share them in your comments.

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