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Tips to get an Approved Adsense Account

adsenseAfter two years of blogging finally I got approval from Adsense recently. Being an Indian blogger it is very hard to get the approval. I had rejected by Adsense more than 20 times. I tried many platforms like Google sites, Hub Pages, Weebly, Blogger, and YouTube to get the approval from Adsense. But all were vain. Even I created many Gmail accounts and applied but failed in getting accepted.

Finally Adsense approved this blog which uses the Blogger Platform. This is great. Now I am happy. Because, Adsense is the best publisher network in the world. We will get more click rates than any other publisher network. I tried many publisher networks and frustrated. Because, they offer poor click rates and some networks don’t count the traffic that coming from some countries. Also, the advertisement they showed on my blog was irrelevant to my blog.

Using Adsense we can make money in a lot of ways. So Adsense is the perfect choice for any publisher to monetize his site. I am going to give you some tips to get accepted by Adsense. This article is purely based my experience. Some might not accept my points. Anyways, my duty is to help others through my experience.

Getting accepted by Adsense is not an easy job. Indian publishers need to wait six months after creating their sites to submit their applications. So, this six month is the time for you to build and optimize your website for Adsense.


Understand Adsense Policies

The first and foremost thing is reading and understanding Adsense policies. Read each and every step of the policy and if you have any doubt Google it and get clarification. Try to build a website which obeys Adsense policies.

Choose a Platform for Your Site

Blogger and Google sites are the best platforms which have the highest possibility of getting acceptance from Adsense. Because, they are Google’s products. Wordpress is also a good platform for blogs. Choose a platform like Weebly, the free website builder which integrated Adsense. So, if you apply to Adsense through your Weebly site you may be accepted. But, don’t use a free website service which is very suspicious and not famous. For example never use Ucoz free website service. You will never get accepted by Adsense. Because, the website designed by Ucoz will have poor navigation and SEO optimization.

Choose a Professional Template for Your Website

Yes, the template has a great role in Adsense approval. Your website should be navigated easily and should not have any suspicious scripts.

Choose a Content Theme or Categorize Your Site

You have to choose a particular category for your site and write articles related to that category. Never write random articles. Blogging tips, money making, plug-ins and gadgets and celebrity blogs are the best content theme.

Choose a Language

Adsense supports only specific languages. So, your site will be accepted only if your site language is one among them.

Own Domain

Although this is not needed, having a custom domain like which is highly related to your website content will make Adsense impressed. So, you will have a chance of acceptance from Adsense.

Write Quality Articles

You have to write quality articles. Even you know only simple English try to avoid spelling mistakes. Because, after you apply to Adsense each and every page of your site will be reviewed to check whether or not your site obey Adsense policies.

Regularly Update Your Site

This is very important. Update your site on a regular basis. For example, an article per week or an article per two days. This will help you to get traffic and to get accepted by Adsense.

Content of Your Site

Your website should not have copyright materials. Never do copy and paste.

Never scam others. Your site should have genuine content.

Never hurt others. That means, don’t write article to blame others or to point out the wrong things in some websites.

Before applying to Adsense try to avoid writing articles about Adsense. If you want to write never write negative point about Adsense.

Avoid writing articles to promote affiliate products until getting approved by Adsense. This is not an issue. But, if you write articles just to promote affiliate products, it will be an issue.

Build Some Traffic

I am not sure about the minimum traffic requirement to apply for Adsense. But, I think 1000 page views per month is enough. If your site is getting more traffic it will have a higher possibility of getting acceptance from Adsense. Build traffic for your site using the free methods given in this article.

Never submit your site to too many website directories. Because, Google will suspect you and treat your site as a spam site. So, this will affect the ranking of your site and your application may not be accepted by Adsense.

Concentrate on Website Ranking

This is also very important. If your website has at least Google page rank 1, it may be accepted by Adsense. So, concentrate on your website ranking. Linking an irrelevant website will affect your ranking. So use nofollow linking of external site.

What should you do before applying Adsense?

Remove all the advertisements placed on your site. Have your site a clean and neat. So, remove unwanted scripts.

What should you do if your application is rejected?

If your application is rejected, don’t apply again and again. Wait for another two or three months. Build more traffic and make your site more professional during that time. Also, fix the issue by which your website was not accepted by Adsense. For example, if your site was rejected due to poor navigation, change your template which has good navigation and then apply to Adsense.

Important Trick

If you apply for Adsense from the Blogger dashboard or Google sites Dashboard your application might be accepted. It has a 90 % chance of getting the approval.

These tips I have given is based on my experience. Some may not accept some points. So, give your suggestions and tips in the comments.

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  2. These are some great tips for adsense approval. I think it is not the correct time for me to go for adsense. I will have to work for another 15-20 days then go for it. Well thanks for this article.
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