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Webydo-Another Free Website Builder

We have discussed about the Weebly free website builder. Here is another great free website builder which has some wonderful features like Weebly. Webydo is a free website builder. It was launched in 2010. Over 50,000 websites created using Webydo. This free website builder has the following features.

Drag and Drop Website Builder

We can easily build pages by adding elements using drag and drop website builder. Even a slow internet connection is enough to load the website builder. Surely you will enjoy while building your site.


Webydo – Drag and Drop Website Builder Demo

No Need of Programming Knowledge

You need zero programming knowledge. All you need to do is just choose an element, drag it and drop it to the page and change the settings and content of the element. The website will be designed using HTML and CSS by Webydo but you no need to have knowledge about them.


We can design our pages from scratch or using a template. There are many pre designed templates and layout to make our website easily. The templates are highly customizable. But, comparing to Weebly it has less templates.

Professional Fonts and Images

The fonts and images in templates are highly optimized to make the website load faster. And they are beautiful and well-designed.


Comparing to Weebly, it has more SEO features. We can add custom URL for pages and there are many advanced SEO settings available like search engine preference and adding author name.

Browser Support

The website you designed using Webydo will work in all web browsers. Webydo will automatically generate code to make your site compatible for all browsers.

Unlimited Bandwidth

I really love a genuine website builder that provides unlimited bandwidth for websites. Like Weebly, Webydo also provide unlimited bandwidth for free users.

Page Elements and Widgets

Image Gallery – We can easily add image galleries with captions on the website pages. Also creating a slideshow is much easier.

Menu – Horizontal and vertical menu can be added in any part of a page as we like.

Form – Easily add contact forms.

We can add shapes like square and rectangle.

Video – Easily add video from a computer or YouTube.

Flash – Webydo supports flash contents.

Own HTML – We can add our own HTML widgets like iframe.

ECommerce Products – We can earn money by adding e-commerce products.

Other Features

You can change the favicon to your own image. Being a free user it could not be possible in Weebly.

There are options to add code like Google analytics code, webmaster tool code, Google app's code, and some verification codes, so that we can manage them easily.

Easy Navigation – So, designing pages is very interesting.

No Ads – All the websites designed by free users won’t have any irritating ads. It is completely ad-free like Weebly.

What are the Limitations and Catch?

Every free website builder will have some limitations. Webydo has some limitations too. They are listed below.

Free users can’t add their own domain. They can get only free sub domains like “”.

Even though the website you created can have unlimited bandwidth, it can have only a maximum of 15 pages. You need to upgrade your plan to create unlimited pages.

Also free websites can store only 1 GB of data. Even if you upgrade, you can get only 2GB space.

There is no PHP feature even for pro users. In Webydo you can only design pages using CSS and HTML. There is no CPanel.

There is no blogging feature.

All the features of Weebly and Webydo are same except, in Weebly you can get websites with unlimited web space and you can add your own domains too.

Is Webydo Suitable for You?

If you need PHP and CPanel hosting this is not suitable. But if you want to design a professional looking website for your business this is the right choice.

Also, you can’t add your own domain and can store only 1 GB data. So, if you think these are serious limitations for your business, you can choose Weebly.

There is no blogging feature available here. So, if your business needs a blog Webydo will not be helpful.

What I like in Webydo is the website builder and the website designed using it is more professional.

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  1. I think they are one of the best kept secret in the website builder space They have some decent templates you can customize with their tools and they also give you access to the html and css files (if you can find the link, I think its sort of buried). They do give you quite a bit for free and you can really customize their templates if you know what you are doing. They also just introduces an html 5 image slider widget you can customize. To see more info please visit

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