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Tips for Creating a Blog or Website

If you are planning to create a website or blog, here are some tips which will surely be useful for you.

The content for your site

First think and frame the structure and content of your site. Choose any popular category like blogging tips, webmaster resources, celebrity blogging etc. and list out the topics and develop content. This will help you to update your site with content related to a particular category.

The goal and purpose of your site

You must understand your purpose of creating a website. If you want to create a website for business purpose, never write articles just to attract visitors. Write relevant, useful and informative articles. So, others will understand your goal clearly.

Choosing a hosting

If you want to create websites there are two options. You can choose a free hosting or a paid hosting.

Obviously paid hosting is advantageous. You could not rely on free hosting. But, if you want to create and update website for a hobby, you may choose a free hosting. There are many genuine free hosting available like Weebly and


If you use a free hosting service they will provide you a sub domain for your site. But sub domains have many limitations. A business website should have the top level domains like .com, .net and .org.

Blogging Platform

If you are going to create a blog, you have to choose a perfect blogging platform for your business. I suggest Blogger and Wordpress. If you want an easily customizable blog, you shall choose blogger. If you want a highly customizable blog, Wordpress self hosting is the right choice.



  • A website template should be a professional template.
  • It should attract visitors.
  • It should load fast.
  • It should be search engine optimized.
  • It should be optimized to add advertisements in the correct places.
  • It should have user friendly navigation.

Creating sub domains

You may create many sub domains for your site and manage your network. If you want to create more than one website under many categories never register a separate domain for each category. Register only one domain, create sub domain for each category and host them. For example, if you register, use as your main domain for your business, use as a forum, as a blog for your business, use as a website to host supportive materials for your users and so on.

Business Email

A website or blog should have contact information so that users can send feedbacks. A business website should have professional domain and email. You should have an email like

To get this you need to purchase email hosting for your site. If you want to get free professional emails, register your domain at They provide 2 free emails with 100 MB storage each.

AdSense Approval

AdSense is an important publisher program to make money. So you need to develop your site such way that it obeys AdSense policies. Read this article to get some tips for AdSense approval.

Some useful topics

If you want to create a blog you may consider any of the following topics as your blog content theme. These are famous topics which will help you to get more visitors.

Blogger tips and tutorials, blogging tips and tutorials, celebrity blogging, actresses galleries, latest news, webmaster resources, money making opportunities, free tools, free software, online resources, top things, website reviews, wrestling blog, tips and tricks, free web templates, plug-ins, programming tutorials, e-learning tutorials, video blogging and image blogging.

Affiliate Networks

Use some affiliate networks’ ads along with pay per click ads like AdSense. Some important affiliate networks are commission junction, Amazon, and Google Affiliate Network.

Other useful tips

  • Never use too many scripts on your site.
  • Don’t write articles just to make money. Try to write articles to help others.
  • Never write irrelevant content and catchy articles.
  • Adding more ads will dominate your content. Obviously this will irritate your website’s visitors.
  • Take backup of your site regularly. Because, anything can happen at any time.

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