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How to Get Pro/Paid Domain and Webhosting Free

As we all know we need a domain and a hosting to create a website. When we start thinking of creating website, we think of creating it free. Yes, we can completely create free websites. is a leading and reliable free domain registration service. There you can get unlimited free domains, all with the domain extension .tk. You can use Weebly, Ucoz or 000WebHost to host your domain for free. But, can we rely on the free services? Yes, we can trust free services to some extent.

I am going to share my experience here. Two years back, I hosted a domain in 000webhost. The website was working fine for a year. After that they deleted it without any notification. The reason they told, “Your Website used more than 20% of the disk usage”. They say that they allow users to use 1500 MB. But, my website account is deleted as I used 300 MB. Very silly reason. The real fact is, as long as your website is getting low traffic, no problem. If your website brings more traffic, surely they will delete your website account. Not only this web hosting, all free hosting will do like that. But I don’t want to waste more money in paid hosting. So, now I am hosting a site in 000WebHost from February. Till now there is no problem. But, I am sure they will delete my site soon when it gets high traffic. So, I want to move the site to Weebly. I’ll tell you the reason later.

Regarding domain, is a reliable service. But as they are giving domain free, they may delete your domain at any time. We can’t fully rely on free services.


I want to create my website completely free. But I couldn’t trust free services. Is there any way to solve this?

Yes, there is a solution. Frankly speaking only paid services are reliable. Get them without spending money.

Are you confused? What I am trying to say is get pro domain and hosting free as explained below.

Get Free Paid Domain

Register domains in You will get domains like Mostly, they won’t delete your domain, if it gets 25 hits per 90 days. But, for safer side, upgrade your domain free. They offer a referral program called Dot TK Ambassador program. Join and refer your friends. If you get 75 points, you can upgrade a domain free for two years. Earn more points and upgrade all your domains. So, one problem is solved. Another one is getting free pro web hosting.

Get Free Paid Web Hosting

Similar like dot tk, you can join a reliable free hosting and refer others to get paid hosting. There are two hosting services are there which are reliable. They are Weebly and 3owl. Sign up in any of them and use the free hosting packages. At the same time refer others and get points. Upgrade your hosting package after getting enough points.

Weebly is a highly reliable one. It is useful when you need only web builder. That means, there is no PHP and database. But, the website builder is very powerful and there are lots of templates available. Know more about Weebly in this article. For each visitor you refer, you will earn $10 when they publish a site. You can’t redeem the money. But, you can use it to purchase a paid plan.

If you want PHP and databases, sign up in 3owl. If you refer 2 paid users or 10 free users, you can upgrade your account.

If you ask me, I recommend Weebly. Because, I have been using it since last year. Also I referred some people and now I have paid hosting. I have been hosting many sites there and I have a plan to host more sites in the future. For example the web search is hosted there. There is no downtime for my sites and they are running smoothly. That is why I wanted to move all my sites to Weebly.

My job, spreading the news is over. Now, your job, creating a pro website free begins.

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