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Hostinger–Free Web Hosting Service

hostingerToday I am going to introduce a new free web hosting service which is We can prefer a free hosting to create our site if we don’t want to spend money. I always suggest Weebly if you want a free web hosting. Because, I have been using it for the past two years without any issue. But, if you want PHP and MySQL support Weebly is not suitable as it provides only drag-and-drop website builder. There are many free PHP web hosting services available in the internet. Hostinger is one among the trustable services.


  • Uptime: Cloud based technology which guarantees 99.9% uptime.
  • Storage: 2 GB website storage. This may not be suitable for websites which need a lot of storage to host files.
  • Bandwidth: 100 GB Bandwidth per month which is more than enough. Your website can have more than a million page views per month.
  • We can use one of the free sub domains they provide or use our own domain. After adding a domain, we can create sub domains too. Also, we can park domains.
  • PHP and MySQL Support: Always the recent version will be available. You can switch to any PHP version easily by a single click. Managing a database is also an easy job. We can create a maximum of 2 MySQL databases.
  • No Ads: This is cool. I always like free hosting services which are not ad-supported. Website hosted under Hostinger will not have any banners and irritating popup ads.
  • Script Auto Installer: 50 popular scripts including Wordpress and Joomla can be installed in a single click. So, we no need to follow the procedure of editing config files and setting up databases to install a PHP script. This script installer makes our work simpler.
  • Website Builder: Easy to use Website Builder which requires absolutely no coding knowledge. There are over a hundred templates available to choose.
  • Zyro Builder - Drag and Drop Website Builder: This is another website builder which provides the drag and drop website building environment. We need no skills to use this website builder. Here also many templates available which are very professional looking.
  • Online file manager: Using this we can manage our files online easily.
  • We can have 2 email accounts.
  • Redirecting feature is also available.
  • Importing an already created website (using any website builder) is very easy.
  • Importing a database is also a hassle-free job.
  • Statistics: We can get a detailed statistics about our sites.
  • Analyze: We can get information about page rank and other SEO related statistics too.
  • Website Templates: There are over hundred free website templates available to download. We may use them to design our site using any desktop website builder.
  • Custom Error Pages can be created.
  • Take backup of your files and databases and restore them whenever you want.
  • Create Cron jobs easily.
  • DNS management feature is also available.
  • If you want, you can protect folders using passwords.
  • FTP features: Create FTP accounts and manage your files using any desktop FTP client.
  • Hotlink Protection Features: We can block direct access to any file type. For example, we can protect image files so that the visitors could not access them directly.
  • Deny particular IP addresses from accessing your site.
  • Support: Hostinger has a forum where you can get help from other users. If you still could not find a solution to your problem, you may contact the help desk (support team). Moreover, there are some tutorials and FAQs available. They provide fantastic user support.

Things Which Impressed Me

The first thing which impressed me is the design of Hostinger website. It has a simple and powerful design. Some free hosting services display ads on the control panel. But that is not the case here. You will not get irritated from annoying ads. The website loads fast. So, we can use the control panel even if we have a dialup connection.

The next one which impressed me is the online file manager. Unlike other web hosting services’ file managers, it loads very fast and it has many features as we have in windows explorer. We can use CTRL+A to select all files, right click on a file to get options like Cut, Copy and Paste and many other features available. One interesting feature is, if you want to upload many files and folders, archive them as a zip file, upload and extract it. This feature reduces our work of uploading all the files. This file manager responds very fast and can also be used in slow internet connection.

I came to know about a money making service from my control panel. That is using which we can earn money from our URLs. This is one of the URL shortening services. Some top URL shortening services are blocked by major browsers. So, this might be the alternative to them.


Hostinger is one of the genuine free web hosting services. Absolutely there is no doubt about that. Anyways, we should not fully rely on free services. They may delete your website account, when it is getting crowded with traffic. So, take backup of your site regularly so that you can move to another hosting when unexpected things happened.

Register Here: Hostinger

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  2. Bro what you think about Its offer Free website hosting with extra resources comparing at googiehost you will get 10 GB Space Unmitered Bandwidth with php Support No Ads

    Please post a review about GoogieHost

    1. They (GoogieHost) give 10GB space. But, the bandwidth limit is only 100GB(similar to Hostinger). And, there is no website builder and file backup feature for free users. Even if a user upgrades, he will get only 20GB storage and 200GB bandwidth. This is the information I got from their website. But, Hostinger give unlimited storage and bandwidth if you upgrade. So, it is better that Googiehost.

    2. Have you login to GoogiePanel because all the features are same including Website builder and Backup. Only resources are different. If you are planing to use free hosting you should try GoogieHost instead of Hostinger....

      However Hostinger has some good premium packages but GoogieHost has cheapest Premium packages.
      Space & Bandwidth are limited but all other features are same as Hostinger has...

    3. I have not tried GoogieHost. Anyways, if you are right, that might be a good hosting service. Thanks for your suggestion Chauhan.

  3. From several days I was thinking about my website hosting issue and I was confused and also yet. Can you please let me know is free web hosting can be a Best Web Hosting?

    1. Yes. There are many best free web hosting services available. Blogger is a free hosting service. But, I think it is the best hosting for blogs in the world. For websites Weebly is the best free web hosting.

  4. These hosting providers are specifically tailored towards Django ... We host Django and other python frameworks on all of our web hosting. Web hosting reviews for small business

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  8. There are plenty of free website hosting service available but as mentioned above Weebly is one of the bests I've ever used, in fact still using. It have great CMS and that actually have all type of automatic content setup features. It's really easy to use Weebly.