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Rich Info SiteRich Info Site, shortly known as RIS and readers as RISians. This is created to help users to make money online. One can make money using his website or blog, doing affiliate marketing, doing part time jobs online and there are a number of ways to make money online.

Rich Info Site explores all the possibilities one can make use to earn part-time income may be a full time income and thereby guides to turn webmasters, bloggers and hobby internet users into online money makers.

To become a successful person in online business, a blog is the basement. We should use other online money making opportunities to build a business in the basement. So, here on this blog, I mostly concentrate on blogging using WordPress, tips for blogging and ways to make money from a blog. I also try to explore every genuine possibility one can use to make money online.

A blog is a source to create our own online business by promoting affiliate products, displaying PPC ads or providing our own services. So, it is vital to know about blogging, how to use WordPress to blog, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), how to get traffic to a blog and how to monetize a blog.

Here on this blog, I also post articles related to useful resources for bloggers like WordPress themes, tools needed and review of SEO products. The bloggers should not rely on their blogs alone to make some decent income. They should also use the other online money making opportunities. That is why I discuss about paid surveys, online micro jobs, freelancer jobs and other online work at home opportunities on this blog.

The Readers are requested to follow the guides and tutorials explained on this site and if you have any suggestions or questions feel free to contact us. You can also follow our social networks to get the latest updates free.

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Maria Regan JonseI am Maria Regan Jonse from Tamil Nadu, India. My qualification – Electronics and Communication Engineering. Now I am trying for a government job. At the same time I also do blogging in my free time. This is to create an alternative income source online. Blogging is a very famous way to make money online. I have read many articles regarding money making, blogging, SEO and affiliate marketing before creating this blog. I share my experience and knowledge with you on this blog in order to make money and thereby create a successful blog.

To know more about why I created this blog read my first blog post. I have two blogs and some mini websites at hand. These help me to earn a decent income. Once I establish all my projects, I might earn a full time income from them. Also, these blogs are useful for me to make use of my free time in a productive way without wasting time. I do blogging useful for others and for me too.

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