How to Publish a Post on WordPress

Hi readers. So, you have installed WordPress and done the important WordPress settings that should be done before starting to blog? If yes, proceed to the next step that is creating your first post. This blog is created to instruct newbies on making money blogging and to give some other money making tips. I have been posting articles related to buying a domain and hosting, setting up a blog, installing WordPress and other settings related to WordPress. This is another article for newbies to guide them on using WordPress. In this article you will learn how to publish a post on WordPress.

How to Publish a Post on WordPress

  • To add a new post, go to Posts –> Add New in your admin dashboard.add new post
  • You will get the visual editor which is called as Tinymce editor. This is also called as WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editor. We can write articles without the knowledge of HTML. Using the visual editor we can write articles like writing in a MS Word document.tinymce editor
  • The first step in writing an article is choosing a title. Write your article’s title in the text field which has the placeholder ‘Enter title here’.
  • Then you can start writing the article content in the visual editor (tinymce editor). There are some icons in the tinymce editor to add HTML elements and do formatting. Hover on each icon to get the name of it in the tooltip so that you can add the element you want.
  • Click on the ‘Toolbar Toggle’ icon (last icon) to view or hide second row icons.toolbar toggle
  • I give some short explanation on each icon below.




    To make bold formatting on the selected text.


    To make the selected text italic.


    To add strikethrough texts.


    To add unordered list.

    numbered list icon

    To add ordered list.

    blockquote icon

    To add a block quote text.

    horizontal line icon

    To add a horizontal line.

    alignment icons

    To align text in left, centre or right.

    add or edit link icon

    To add hyperlinked text or edit a hyperlink.

    remove link icon

    To remove a hyperlink.

    insert read more tag icon

    To add read more break.

    Toolbar Toggle icon

    To show or hide the second row icons.

    paragraph icon

    To add HTML elements like paragraph and headings. Click on it to get the options and add any element you want.

    html elements
    underline icon

    To add underlined text.

    justify icon

    To justify the selected text.

    text color icon

    To change the text colour.

    paste as text icon

    If it is on, the text copied and pasted from other applications will be plain text. If you want to paste from a word document with
    formatting, toggle it to off state.

    remove formatting icon

    Select some text and click on this icon to remove all formatting.

    insert special characters icons

    To add some special characters.

    indent icons

    To decrease or increase the indent.

    undo and redo icons

    Undo and Redo.

    keyboard shortcuts icon

    To get the keyboard shortcuts information.

  • To add any files in the post hit the Add Media You will get the media manager and through that you can upload files from computer or add already uploaded files in the post.
  • The Distraction-free writing mode icon distraction-free writing mode icon can be used to hide the sidebars so that they would not distract you while writing articles.
  • Tinymce editor has two modes, Visual and Text. To add any HTML code you have to use the Text mode. Click on the Text The text mode also has some icons to add HTML elements easily.text mode
  • Also note the right side of the visual editor where some options and settings are available. In the Format section, choose the post format. Your WordPress theme may provide some post formats to choose. Choose one among them. Generally, Standard post option is preferable. Some WordPress themes might not have many post formats
  • Blog articles should be grouped into categories. So, choose a category for your article. As you are posting your first article you might have to add a new category. I’ve already mentioned that you should change the default category ‘Uncategorized’ according to your blog niche in the article ‘13 settings should be done after installing WordPress’.
  • After selecting a category for your post, add some tags. Use keywords related to your article in the tags.
  • Then you have to choose a Featured Image for your post. Hit the Set featured image link which is in the Feature Image You will get the media manager. Upload a new image or choose one from already uploaded images.set categories tags and featured image
  • At the top, the Screen Options and Help buttons are available.screen and help options
  • The Screen Options button is useful to choose which settings and options should be shown while writing articles. Using the Help button you can get help regarding publishing articles and doing settings.
  • After writing the article and doing all the settings, do publish settings. That means you can edit the visibility of the article (public, private and password protected) and the publishing date.publish settings
  • Then hit the Save Draft button to draft the article. You will get the permalink of the article after it is saved under the article title. Edit it as you wish.permalink of the article
  • Then click on the View Post button to preview the post. Check the post and if you want to change anything do it in the visual editor and finally publish your article by clicking on the Publish button which is in the Publish That is all. Your article will be live.
  • To get all the articles you have written, go to Posts –> All Posts from your Dashboard.get all posts list
  • Then you can Edit or Trash the article you wish.edit articles

Some Tips

An article should be perfectly formatted so that to increase readability for your blog readers. Write at least 300 words in an article.  Try to concentrate on SEO and include some keywords. Include some images or videos to add some visual appeals to your article,.

You have just learned how to publish a post on WordPress. You will come to know the efficient way of writing articles after posting some articles. To get some ideas for blogging read the post ‘Blog Ideas that make Money’.

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