Blog Ideas that Make Money

Many want to make money blogging. But, they simply create blogs without knowing much about blogging and they struggle to concentrate on a particular blog niche. We all know how important choosing a blog topic before starting a blog. You can choose any topic to blog. But, choose the right one to make money. This article is to give you some blog ideas that make money. These are famous and have more demands in the internet. If you are confused what niche to choose for your blog, read this article well and get some ideas. Choose a perfect niche and be prepared to create a blog. I will post some technical articles shortly to help you to create and setup a blog.

Choose Blog Ideas that Make Money

Why You Need to Choose a Niche for Your Blog?

  • You can manage your blog easily under categories.
  • If you write and update niche specific articles, there will be a chance to get more subscribers. For example, a user may want software related resources. But if your blog has articles on many topics, he may not want to subscribe.
  • You will become an expert on the topic.
  • When you add your website to web directories, you have to choose a perfect category.
  • Moreover, if your blog has more articles on a blog niche means it also has more keyword density related to that niche and will get more traffic from search engines. Because, search engines prefer niche specific blogs.

Some Tips to Choose a Blog Niche

First, read many topics on the internet and collect ideas before choosing a niche. Reading others’ blogs will help you out to choose better topics. For example, if you want to create a blog for software resources, browse and read other websites which give software resources. You will get an idea about how to present and what to present on your blog. Also, you will get some tips and tricks to attract visitors.

While reading blogs, you will also come across the tools they are using, and how they learn new things. After gathering some ideas about all the blog topics you have in your mind, analyze the pros and cons of them and finalize one. Then write articles related to it. You should also learn more about it to present articles with confidence.


Useful Blog Ideas that Make Money

Here below I suggest you some famous blog niches which have high potential to earn money. Choose any one of the blog ideas and create a blog to be niche specific. I also provide some famous websites or blogs on each niche as inspirations for you to get ideas.

News Blogs

Create a news blog and update it regularly. You can search for news in search engines or subscribe to any news website to get the latest news. Post the news on your blog in your own style. No need to post all the news. You have to be different to attract visitors. Just pick up special, peculiar and interesting news and post them.

News Websites

Sports News Blog

This is also a famous topic. Post articles related to sports. Concentrate on rankings of players and gossips related to the players. You can post articles about all sports or just a specific sport that is very famous in your region. I choose Cricket which we all like in India.


Wrestling News Blog

Wrestling is a famous one among all sports in the world. If you are a diehard fan of the wrestling game, you can create a blog to write reviews and share news. Take any wrestling like WWE, Pro Wrestling or TNA or all wrestling sports and write news articles. Predict about the results of an event. This will attract visitors.


SEO Blog

Search Engine Optimization is needed for every website to get higher ranking on search engines to get more traffic. SEO means optimizing our site search engine friendly. If you are an expert in SEO, you can create a blog for giving SEO tips and tricks.


WordPress Guide

Self hosted WordPress is used by millions of bloggers and the bloggers who succeed in money making are mostly using it. Some beginners struggle to set up their WordPress blogs. So, there are some tutorials on the internet to help them. I give these blog ideas on this self hosted WordPress blog which is created to guide others on making money from their WordPress blog. I will post WordPress guide later. But, if you know very well about WordPress, you can create a blog and guide your readers on WordPress installation, customization, designing and optimizing it for search engines. It is well and good if you give some tips and tricks to make money.


Blogger and WordPress Templates Blog

Blogger and WordPress are the well known blogging platforms. All who want to create a blog prefer these platforms. They also want to beautify their blog with custom templates. So, if you have a good knowledge in designing templates for these platforms, create a blog for giving Blogger and WordPress templates. Create a template and write an article about how to install and customize it and include the link to download. You can give the templates free or for a small amount of money.

There is no need to create your own template. You can write articles about famous templates too. Search for Free Blogger Templates and Free WordPress Themes simply and collect impressive and professional templates. Write your own style articles about them and include download links (taken from the templates website).


Blogging Guide

Some have little knowledge about blogging. But they are very anxious to succeed. So, you can target such persons by educating them. Give some ideas about blogging, how to blog and give tips on efficient blogging. If you know any tricks about a blogging platform, share them on your blog. You can also charge users to some extend to guide them to become successful bloggers.


Blog Gadgets and Tools

As blogging is a famous hobby and business, many want to create their own blog. They want some tools and gadgets too. If you are a developer, you can create wonderful gadgets and tools and then share it on your blog or simply explain about any tool that is available on the internet and guide your users how to use it. Surely, a lot of readers will love your blog.


Web Designing Tips and Tricks

Choose this niche, if you have a enough knowledge in web designing. Write articles about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP etc. These topics will surely bring more visitors to your blog.


Celebrity Blog

Which celebrity is your inspiration? Choose that person as your blog topic. Include all information about him/her on your blog. Latest gossips, news, photo gallery and future projects of the celebrity are the information the visitors need. If you write interesting and genuine articles, I am sure, you will become a rich man soon through this niche.


Actors Galleries

Like the celebrity blog, Actors photo blogs also get more traffic from search engines. For this topic you need original images.


Mobile Phones and Electronic Gadgets Information

A lot of people want to know the features and the price of mobile phones, laptops and other electronic gadgets, before they buy. If you have a good knowledge about them, this category is the best choice for your blog. Information must be up to date in order to keep your blog trustworthy.


Mobile Applications

Usage of laptops is out of fashion. Now, usage of Tablets, Android phones and iPhones are taking the lead.  So, there is more demand for mobile apps. Programmers and application developers can market their applications on their blog. If you are not a programmer, choose a top mobile app or some best mobile apps and write articles about them to help your readers to find a better app.


Money Making and Saving Tips

This is a hot topic in the internet. Everyone will search about this. If you write quality articles related to money making in real life or in online, you will get huge traffic and tremendous success. There are numerous ways to make money online. Create a blog to explain them. Write an honest review about each way and the user will love it. You can even give some money saving tips to reduce expenses or for getting some affordable things instead of costly ones.


Photo Blogging

This is a very simple and easy job. Just pick a good high clarity image form an image hosting service like Picasa and Flickr, get the embed code and embed it on your blog post. Then write interesting facts, psychological truth or some news about the photo. For example, if you chose a nature photo, you may write a poem about it or a commentary about it.


Travelling Guide Blog

Write your travelling experience and the places you know. Guide others and write interesting articles about a place. You should know the history and culture about the place that you write about. This will attract visitors and they will become your regular readers.


Video Blogging

This is also an easy job like photo blogging. Pick a video from a video hosting service like YouTube, get the embed code, embed it in your article and write something about the video. For example, if you wish to teach about a topic, write your theory and include a video related to that so that others can understand more about it.


Affiliate and Online Marketing

There are some affiliate programs available. You can join them and promote their products on your blog. This is called affiliate marketing and you will get commissions when someone buys the products you promote through your affiliate links. Online marketing is the art of promoting something through blogs, emails and social networks. This blog niche needs lot of hardworking with dedication.


Book Review Blog

If you have the passion of reading book, this is the right topic for you. Write reviews about books in your own perspective. You can also join affiliate networks and promote those books to get commissions if somebody buys through your links.


Tutorials Blog

Example Topics: Photoshop tutorials, Windows tutorials, HTML tutorials, Java Tutorials, etc.


Software Review Blog

Write reviews about software and include affiliate links to download it. But, many like free software more. It is better that you write more articles about free software. Just search for “Download Free Software” and you will get many free software websites. Choose the software you like and write the review on your blog. Write genuine reviews about premium software and include your affiliate links. Surely visitors may consider buying it and you will get some commissions too.


Mini Project Blog

Engineering students need to do many mini projects. Make use of this chance; choose the topic, post lot of mini projects with the procedure to do. You may also provide the option of purchasing projects so that students might buy in want of time.


Job Portals

This is one of the great and famous topics. Guide job seekers by posting the latest jobs on your blog. I see many bloggers of this type getting famous very soon. Of course, this topic needs a lot of effort. If you have friends working in different companies, you can ask them about job vacancies and you can alert your blog readers. You can also post about government jobs and vacancies. Refer other job portals, get the latest job news and post them in your own styles.


Useful Resources

This is also a famous topic. Collect some useful resources and post articles on your blog. For example, useful websites to download free software, useful scripts, useful plug-ins etc.


Social Media Guides

You may also guide others on how to create social profiles, how to use them and how to customize them.


Fitness and Beauty Tips Blog

Write articles about fitness tips, healthy food, yoga tips, etc. Also, a beautician can post beauty tips. Discuss about some traditional ways to get rid of some ailments. Guide your readers if possible by giving your own experiences.


Deals Blog

The number of online e-commerce websites is increasing day by day. They simply thrill us with attractive offers. People who do online purchase need to find good deals. Help them by creating a blog to list out great deals so that they may buy them if they wish. Try to join as affiliate in top eCommerce websites, and promote their products through coupons and special links to get exciting offers. Deals blogs have the highest potential to earn millions of dollars.



Choose any of the above topics. It is best that you choose the topic that you are familiar with. As I said, read lots of articles and get an idea about the topic you choose. Regularly update your blog and not disappoint your visitors. These are some important blog ideas that make money. I have tried my level best to find and list out all the famous blog niches. Yet, I might have missed some. You can suggest them in your comments. I will post about each blog idea clearly in separate articles in future. Hope this article helps you.

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