Change WordPress Admin Username and Nickname for Strong Security

We all know that WordPress is the best blogging platform and millions are using self-hosted WordPress for their business. So, hackers and robots regularly try to hack admin accounts of famous WordPress websites. It is obvious that we are in a need to avoid the possibilities of giving clues for hacking. Using complex and lengthy password and installing security plugins are the best ways to make our WordPress site secure. There are some other concerns too. We should not reveal our WordPress admin username to others. If hackers know your username, they only need to find the password. This will make their job easier. So, we should choose a complex admin username too. We ought to treat admin username as a password. Never choose the username as ‘admin’. In this article you will learn about how to change WordPress admin username and nickname. I’ve explained some tasks that should be done immediately after installing WordPress in my previous post. Changing the admin username and nickname is one among them.

I started my WordPress blog just a month back (as of Feb 2015). But, till now ten unauthorized admin login attempts detected. I knew this from the alerts given by the security plugin Wordfence. That is why I say security is very important. WordPress has the option of choosing the admin username while installing. So, we can choose a complex username instead of ‘admin’. But, nickname is username by default. It will be visible in our articles.  

Steps to Change WordPress Admin Username and Nickname

  • Suppose you have chosen ‘iamadmin’ as your username while installing WordPress, in all your articles the author name would be ‘iamadmin’ and the author URL would be ‘’. Refer the screenshot given below.admin username display in the article
  • So, first you have to change the publicly displaying name. This can be done by editing the profile. Go to Users –> Your Profile and under the Name section, notice that the default admin nickname and display name are the admin username.admin profile
  • Change the Nickname and Display name and Update Profile.admin profile changed
  • Even after changing the nickname, the author URL would not have been changed in the articles. This is because we cannot change it from the dashboard. So, the hackers can find your admin username using the author URL.display name changed
  • You have to use phpMyAdmin to change the admin nickname in the WordPress database. Login to your phpMyAdmin. Go to the database of your WordPress site and open the table wp_users.find wordpress database
  • You will get the users’ details of your site. Edit the admin user details.edit-user-details
  • The user_login column is the admin username and user_nickname column is the admin nickname. Change them and click on the Go button.change admin details
  • Use ‘admin’ as your nickname to make the author URL as ‘’ so that your visitors will know you are the admin of your site.

If you want to use the nickname that you have chosen when installing WordPress (i.e. The username would be your nickname after installing WordPress) and only wish to change the username, you can use the plugin ‘Admin renamer extended’ which makes the task easier. Install and activate the plugin. Then go to Plugins –> Admin renamer extended.  Change the username. After that you have to login again to access the dashboard.change admin username

This just changes the admin username and not the nickname. To change the nickname you have to edit in the database.


We should keep both admin username and password safe. Revealing admin nickname does not have any security risks. But, WordPress registers admin username as nickname in the database at the time of installing. That means we need to change it after installing WordPress. You have learned about how to change the admin username and nickname. Hope it helps you. Your comments are most welcome regarding this.

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