[First Blog Post] Hello to the World Again

Hello to all Rich Info Site readers and new visitors. Over the past two years I had been blogging what I knew during my leisure time. Now, I have shifted my blog to self hosted WordPress blogging platform. I made this decision to focus on the content I blog and optimize it for SEO and apply dedication on my blogging. This blog is now hosted on HostGator, a top company for shared hosting. The old articles of this blog will not be available and I will deliver new articles with much focus on the niche. This my new first blog post.


Why I moved to WordPress?

Blogger.com, where I hosted my old blog has lots of limitations as far as SEO is concerned. We could not expand the capabilities of it. But, WordPress has limitless capabilities, and we can broaden it with plugins which are available to add features we want. I wrote articles based on my experience on the old blog. But, they were neither focused on the niche nor the optimization for search engines. Moreover, I did blogging just for a hobby. But now I wish to choose blogging as an alternative income stream.

Why I chose blogging as my alternative source of income?

I have two years of blogging experience. But, my blog was not in an organized fashion and also I failed to concentrate on making money. The number of professional bloggers is very less in India. We have 1.2 billion people here. But, only few know about online marketing and money making. To tell you the fact, making money online is not hidden and has come to the awareness of everyone. The internet usage is increasing day by day and in future we will come to a stage that we can’t do anything without it.  This is the main reason for my decision.

Also, you need different sources to earn and to standardize your income in this competitive world. So, I am renewing this blog with some needful changes to get an income for my life bread. And based on the success I will decide my career. Hope you’ll encourage me.

Why should we focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Search engines have their own algorithms and ranking system. If we optimized our website or blog to make them happy, our blog posts will get higher rankings and more traffic from them. The content is the king. Writing good quality articles and optimizing them for search engine is the key to get success in online blogging. You may write valuable articles and articles which are highly useful for others. But, as long as long as you never mind about SEO, there is no use in blogging for money.

Why I chose WordPress as my blogging platform?

There are hundreds of blogging platforms and content management systems available out of which the WordPress is the top most one. This is used by millions of bloggers. This is not just a blogging platform, but a multi-purpose content management system which has unlimited features. We can create a blog which is SEO friendly. There are thousands of tutorials available on the internet regarding WordPress and its optimization. So, it is very certain to use a CMS which is loved by most of the professional bloggers.

Why I am hosting my site on HostGator?

HostGator is an award winning shared hosting provider whose service is reliable, cheap and efficient to host unlimited websites. When I wanted to move my blog to a self host WordPress site, I was confused about choosing the right web hosting. Because, there are hundreds of hosting companies available. But, only some of them get positive reviews from their users and few of them provide their services with reasonable cost. HostGator is one among them. So, on Black Friday I got the Baby Plan (useful for hosting unlimited websites) from them with 75% off.

You are sure to get

I am going to provide useful webmaster resources on this site. This is the right place for everyone who wants to create websites and earn money or who wants to utilize the power of the internet to make money.  This first blog post is just an introduction about this site and a lot of articles and tutorials are to come regarding money making, SEO, WordPress tips, website ideas, affiliate marketing etc.

So, your support is crucial one which will encourage me to make the unbelievable to believable. Subscribe to our social networks and get the latest updates easily. Feel free to contact me.

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