Five Webmaster Tools to Submit Your Site to Improve SEO

After registering and setting up hosting for your domain, you will create some pages and submit it to search engines. Just submitting your site to search engines is enough to get some of the pages indexed by them. But, you need webmaster tools to optimize your site for search engines. Search engine optimized websites will be fully indexed by search engines and get the top rankings in the search results. This way you can get huge traffic from millions of search engine users.

Almost all search engines provide webmaster tools. These tools are useful for website owners (webmasters) to identify how their sites are performing in the search engines.  For example, consider Google Webmaster Tools. After submitting your site to it, you will come to know what pages are indexed by Google, how they showed in search results, how users find your website in Google etc. This will help you to take necessary action to improve your site and optimize it for Google.

Submitting your site to webmaster tools not only helps to improve SEO, but also you can control how your site should be on those search engines. For example, you can control what pages should be indexed. You can monitor search queries, click through rate and how your website is linked on other sites etc. If you understand what is going on with your site, it will be easy to optimize it and thereby you can get more traffic from search engines for free.

Submitting our site to webmaster tools is an essential one after creating our websites. There are many webmaster tools available. We no need to submit our site to all of them. We all know that Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and Yandex are the world’s top most search engines. So, it is enough to submit ours to these search engines and optimize it according to them. Apart from these search engines, we should also submit our sites to, an analytics solution for business.

Some of the SEO specialists say that only submitting our site to Google webmaster tools is enough to understand about our site. Some even say that SEO means optimizing our sites for Google. Yet, we should submit our sites to the webmaster tools of the search engines mentioned above to know about how our sites are performing in those search engines as to avoid loosing organic traffic (traffic from search engines) as they are high quality traffics.

I thought to write separate articles to explain about each and every webmaster tools and realized that it is not a wise decision as there are already some detailed tutorials available online. In this article, I am going to give you the link to quality tutorials to help you to submit your site to some important webmaster tools and know more about them. I would write detailed articles on each webmaster tool in future if possible.

Five Webmaster Tools to Submit Your Site to Improve Search Engine Optimization

Google Webmaster Tools

It is the free tools provide by Google. As Google is the top most search engine in the world, one should submit one’s website to Google Webmaster Tools to optimize it for Google. Google is the number one traffic source for almost all the bloggers. You should submit your site to at least Google Webmaster Tools.

Useful Tutorials Related to Google Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools

Submitting your site to Bing Webmaster tools will help you to get your site indexed by Bing and Yahoo. Your site can also get some decent traffic or even huge from Bing and Yahoo, if it is optimized correctly based on insights given by Bing Webmaster Tools.

Useful Guides for Bing Webmaster Tools

Yandex Webmaster Tools

Yandex is a leading search engine in Russia. Yandex webmaster tool allows you to submit your site to Yandex search engine, get indexed and improve Yandex SEO.

Guides Related to Yandex Webmaster Tools

Baidu Webmaster Tools

Baidu is a leading search engine in China. But, the webmaster tool they provide is in Chinese language. Yet, you have to submit your site to Baidu Webmaster Tools to utilize the traffic potentials from millions of internet users from China.

Tutorials Regarding Baidu Webmaster Tools


It is not a search engine. It is an internet statistics engine. It is a service which ranks websites based on traffic. Alexa is useful to get insights and popularity of your website. For example, you can find the global rank of your site, the backlinks and the number of daily visitors to your site. This will help your business grow. Alexa ranking is very important for SEO. Alexa will automatically crawl your site and provide a rank without the need of submitting. Yet, you have to Claim your site on to improve authorization. Submit your site to Alexa and try to improve Alexa ranking.

Guides Related to Alexa


The webmaster tools given in this article are very important to understand about our site, what right things we do and where we go wrong for Search Engine Optimization. We should optimize our site to all search engines instead concentrating only on Google, to get huge free traffic. Hope his article helps you. I welcome your comments.

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