How Much Does it Cost to Start a Blog?

I explained how to start a blog in the last post. There I said professional blogging or blogging for money needs some investments. We can’t expect to earn money when we are not investing. Only when we spend some money we will take blogging seriously and try to get success. I’ve already mentioned the reasons why we should not rely on free services and the advantages of paid services. So, we are in a need to discuss about how much does it cost to start a blog.

As this blog is created to reveal the ways to make money using our own blog and doing some online part-time jobs, this article will be helpful for you to get an idea about what are all the things you need to create a professional blog and how much they will cost you. I consider my blog as an income source and do blogging for earning money. A blog helps us to create our online business. So, this article is the answer for the question how much does it cost to start a business?

Budget for a Blog

Domain Cost: $10.69

The first thing is to register a domain name. It will give an address to your blog. Recommended domain extensions are .com, .org and .net. Among all reputed domain registrars the cheapest two are given below.

Name Cheap: $10.69/year

BigRock: $12.50/year and renewal at $12.39/year

BlueHost is a hosting service which gives you a free domain for every hosting purchase. So, you can avoid domain cost expense if you purchase hosting space for your blog from there.

Web Hosting Cost: $71.88

We have to host our blog on a reliable hosting service. I recommend you to host your blog on any of the following two hosting services as they are trusted by millions.

BlueHost: $71.88/year with one free domain.

HostGator: $83.40/year. (Use the coupon RIS25PERCENT to get 25% off on billing.)

Blog CMS Cost: Free

As you are going to use WordPress, you need nothing to invest to get a blogging software. WordPress can be easily downloaded from with free of cost.

WordPress Installation Cost: Free to $100

You can install and setup WordPress on your own. There are some people who offer WordPress installation service. They charge you a maximum $100 for this. So, I advise you to do this on your own, so that you can reduce a huge cost. There are thousands of free tutorials available online on setting up WordPress. I will also post some tutorials in future. You can get guides to install WordPress just by searching WordPress installation guide on Google.

Professional WordPress Theme Cost: $45

Professional theme plays vital role in optimizing our websites for search engines. The theme we use should have valid schema structure and should load fast. Faster loading websites get higher ranking in search engines. You should not use free WordPress themes as they might have malware to degrade your blog. Free themes have less customizing options and some disabled features and we have to buy it to enable all the features.

So, purchase a premium WordPress theme from a premium theme developer. The cost varies from $10 to $1000 based on the features we want. But, in you can get a theme at a reasonable cost with almost all the features we needed. Their themes normally cost $45.

Plugins Cost: Free to $500

There are many free plugins available at WordPress pluings directory. Yet some offer premium plugins to do some tasks effortlessly. So, based on our needs, the cost may vary. For example, an SEO plugin from squirrel is $400.

Professional Logo Cost: Free to $10

You should use a professional logo, which tells others about your blog. You can create your own logo using online logo maker for free. You can also hire others to create a customized and more professional looking logo. This will cost you at least $10. But, to reduce the expenses I recommend the free online tool to create your logo.

Custom Content Cost: Free to $300

If you are a good writer, you can write articles for your blog. If you want premium, search engine optimized and social networks optimized articles, you can hire others to write for you. There are many custom content creation services available and you can buy articles from them. This will cost from $20 to $300.

Squirrel is one of the content creation services and they charge $300 to write 6 articles of 500 words each. They also optimize all the articles for search engines, social media users and your blog readers. You will also get some tweets and social shares from them, which will be helpful for you to get more customers.

Search Engine Optimization Cost: Free to $1000.

Optimizing your blog for search engines is a crucial one as this will drive more traffic to your blog. This cost is really high. But, if you are doing it by yourself, you can make your blog optimized for search without any cost. I am doing SEO on my blog by experimenting and learning from some popular SEO blogs. If you wish to crowd your blog with huge traffic go for purchasing a professional SEO service. Yoast is a website where you can get premium SEO packs.

Other Costs: (Monthly Basics-$300)

There are some other expenses you might consider based on your need when your blog is becoming popular. If you want to send newsletter to your readers, you have to pay for a professional email service to do email marketing which will cost minimum $10 per month.

Placing ads on social websites will increase your blog readers. Advertising on search engines is also helpful to get traffic. Link building and offline marketing also need investment. So, on average you have to spend $300 per month for these types of expenses.


Among all the investments needed, domain, hosting and professional theme are essential and mandatory in our blog budget. Professional theme is one time investment and we have to pay yearly for domain name and webhosting. So, how much does it cost to start a blog? The answer is, you have to invest $45 one time for a perfect theme and invest yearly $71.88 (consider BlueHost as you can get a free domain) for both domain name and hosting space combined.

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