How to Get Free Traffic to Your Website or Blog

Have you created a professional blog or website for your business? If not read the article ‘How to Start a Blog?’. Some websites have great content and useful articles. But they don’t get enough visitors to become popular. That means their web traffic is low. Getting traffic is the most important one to create a reader base for your blog and make your brand more popular. By the way, you are here to learn how to get free traffic to your website or blog. The easy way to get traffic to your site is to purchase ad from advertising networks like AdWords. They display the ads to the targeted users and the users click the ads and come to your site. There is a possibility they would become your blog subscribers or your customers. You have to pay for the advertising networks per click basis or per impression basis. But, this way of getting traffic needs huge investment. Is there any alternative to it? Yes, there are many to get traffic to your blog or website for free. Using these ways, you can get more traffic than in paying ones. This article will help you by explaining the methods of getting free traffic to your site.

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get free traffic to your website or blog

Submit Your Site to Search Engines

The first and foremost step is to submit your site to search engines. The search engines will crawl your website and include the pages in their database. Then your website will appear in search results. This is the major method in getting traffic. You can get huge traffic from search engines.

The popular search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing are used by 90% people. So it’s enough to submit your site only to those search engines. Yet, submitting to other search engines too will help us get some more traffic to your site and get some backlinks.

Submitting to each search engine manually is not a clever idea as it takes more time. You can use the Entireweb free search engine submission service to submit your site to all search engines automatically within a minute.

There are some other aspects that should be considered to get more traffic from search engines and are given below.

Submit to Webmaster Tools

Although the Entireweb submits your site to all search engines automatically, you have to use the following webmaster tools to know more about your website performance and to research about it.

Have Your Website as Content-Rich

Submitting your sites to search engines alone will not help you in getting more traffic. Your website should be content-rich and keyword-rich to get more exposure on search results. Analyze keywords and write targeted articles. Use Google AdWords Keyword planner to find profitable keywords.

Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly

Search engine friendly or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means optimizing our website to satisfy search engines to get higher ranking and thereby increasing traffic. There are many procedures to follow to make your website search engine friendly. You have to learn them and have to apply on your site.

For Example:

Take a webpage URL. is not search engine friendly. So you have to rewrite like this if your page is about English learning.

Like this way you have to concentrate on SEO to get more traffic from search engines. Just search “search engine optimization” and you will get many websites that provide useful tutorial on SEO.

Frequently Update Your Site

Update your website frequently to create positive impact among search engines and thereby getting higher rankings. Post articles on your blog in a regular interval (like two articles per week, four articles per month or an article per day). This will not only increase your website’s search engine ranking, but also increases your readers’ engagement. So, they will regularly visit your site.

Submit Your Site to Free Directories

Web Directories group websites according to category and visitors can easily find useful websites. You have to submit your site to directories to get handful traffic. Getting backlinks from web directories is also useful to get high ranking in search engines. But, don’t submit your website to too many directories. Because search engines will think you are a spammer and your website will get the penalty that is a decrease in search traffic. Also, submit your site with a different title and description in each directory.

Some Useful Free Directories:

Submit Your Blogs to Blog Directories

Blog directories are web directories, especially for blogs. Some of them aggregate blog posts and user can search hot topics. Join some blog directories and submit your blog under a perfect category.

Useful Links:

Blog Communities

Blog communities are websites where you can create groups or communities. These groups can be used to share your latest blog posts or allow others to share their thoughts. You can follow others’ communities and others can follow you communities. By this way you can build fans for your blog.

Some Free Blog Communities:

Use Social Networks

This is very important. Social presence is an essential one to build authority to your blog. Authority blog gets higher traffic from search engines than normal blogs. There are many social networks available. Join them and make friends. In fact, this should be done before starting a blog. I have mentioned this in the article Tips for Blogging. Using social networks you can share your articles with your friends, create communities for your website and send messages to your friends. You can include your websites in your social networks profiles. If anyone views your profile they may also visit your sites. You have to utilize the power of social media.

Useful Links:

You might know the top social websites, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linkedin. There are some other social networks too. Join at least 10 social media sites, make friends and promote your website.

Search for How to use social networks to get traffic.

Search for top social networking websites.

Using Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites are similar to social networking sites, but it is specially created for bookmarking web pages for future reference. If you bookmark your website or blog post others can also see, rate and comment them. There is a huge potential to get traffic to your site from these social bookmarking sites. Sometimes your bookmarks may become viral posts which might bring countless traffic to your site.

Useful Links:

Link Exchange Method

Ask your friends to exchange links. That is, you have their links on your website and they’ll have your website links on their websites. Your traffic will help them and their traffic will help you. This is the best way to get more backlinks to increase search engine ranking.

Upload Videos to Video Hosting Services

Create videos related to your website business or create videos useful for others. At the beginning or the end of the videos, include an advertisement about your site. If people like your videos they may like to visit your site too. Never fail to include your website link in the video description. Others may click it to visit your site. Upload videos to top video hosting services like YouTube and daily motion.

Search for: Top Video Sharing Sites.

Have More Images on Your Site

Have at least one image per article. Having images is useful to engage visitors. These images will help others to understand the concept what you try to explain.  This will make visitors impressed and they might become your regular readers. That means, they might revisit your site later to check for updates. Also, your website will get traffic from image search engines.

Useful Link: 53 Best Places to Get Free Images for Your Site.

Use File Hosting Services

Create files related to your business. Put them in a folder. Also include an internet shortcut of your website in that folder. Compress the folder as zip file. Then upload it to file hosting services. If someone search and download your files, they might also click your website’s internet shortcut.

Useful Free File Hosing Services:

Use Document Hosting Services

The document hosting service is similar to file hosting service but it is only for documents such as word, PDF and PowerPoint files. Upload your creative documents related your site. The question is how to get traffic? The answer is simple. Place your website link in the header, footer and at the end of the documents. Most of the document hosting services have the online document viewer which supports hyperlinks. So, readers can visit your site while reading documents.

Some Free Document Hosting Services:

Use Online Forums and Blogs

Participate in forum discussions and include your website link in your replies. Every day you read articles in online blogs. If you think those articles are useful, add your constructive comments and include a link to yours that is related to the article on which you comment. You will get back links to your site and also search engine ranking will increase. But you should be careful. Because, if your comments are irrelevant to the article or if you post comments just to get backlinks and not concentrating on adding value to the article, search engine would treat you as a spammer. That means your website will get a penalty. So, post comments related to the topic.  Try to use the forums to share useful articles to your friends. You can also send your article links to your friends via private messages.

Useful Links

Answer Questions

Use Yahoo Answer and Wiki Answer to promote your sites. Answer questions that you know and link your site too. As I already said avoid giving irrelevant answers.

Use E-Mail

Send mails regarding updates of your website to your friends. Also use email signature. In the signature put your website link so that when someone who reads your mail may click your website’s link.

Search For: Use email signature to promote your website.

Send Newsletter to Your Readers

Create a series of newsletters and send them to your email subscribers. Include a subscription form on your site and collect users’ emails. Regularly send newsletters with the link to visit back your site. There are some newsletter WordPress plugins to do this. If you want to use a third-party email service, use MailChimp, which is free up to 2000 subscribers.

If your website or blog has an RSS feed you can activate the RSS to mail subscription service so that others can subscribe and get updates automatically in their mail. By this way your subscribers will always be in touch with you. Use FeedBurner to send the latest posts to your subscribers.

Use Free Classifieds

You can post free advertisements on classified sites. Post ads promoting your site and put your website’s links to get traffic.

Search For: Free classifieds websites

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging means blogging on others’ blogs. Ask your friends to allow you to post your articles in their blogs. All blogging platforms have the option of adding authors. Request your friends to accept you as an author. Post articles that match their blog objectives and finally include your website link at the end of the post.

Search for: What is guest blogging? and Guest Blogging Sites.

Ping Your Blog

Pinging means notifying search engines that your blog is updated. So periodically ping your blog so that your new contents will get more exposure in search engines.

Some pinging services:

Submit Your Blog’s RSS Feed to RSS Directories

RSS directories are web directories for RSS feeds. You can submit your site’s RSS feed to RSS directories to get backlinks.

Useful Links:


That’s all. Do the above ways one by one. Getting traffic to your site is not an instant process. You have to wait at least a month to get a steady traffic. Most of the successful webmasters always prefer these free methods to generate huge traffic to their sites. Who will like to waste money in paid traffic generation methods when these free methods are available? Do the free methods seriously and get unlimited free traffic to your website. There are some more free traffic generation techniques available. We will discuss them in a separate post later.

You have learned about how to get free traffic to your website or blog. Hope this helps you. I welcome your constructive comments.

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