Important AdSense Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Issues

AdSense is the number one publisher network to earn money on pay per click basis. I gave some tips to get an approved AdSense account in my previous article. You might have some questions in your mind. I tried my level best to collect the important questions asked related to AdSense and the issues AdSense publishers face and my answers and solutions are below. This will help beginners understand AdSense better.Adsense FAQs

Can I create two AdSense accounts?

No. AdSense policy is one account per person. But, using that one account, you can display ads on all your websites which comply AdSense policies.

How does AdSense Work?

You have to display AdSense ads on your site. You earn money when the visitors click the ads. This is called Pay Per Click (PPC). This rate per click may vary based on the quality of the traffic your website has and the popularity of the niche or blog topic. You will earn money on RPM (Revenue Per thousand Impressions) basis along with PPC. I mean, you will earn a small amount of fixed money for every thousand impressions the AdSense ads display on your site even if they don’t get clicks.

What should I do to get an approved AdSense account?

I have given some tips to get an approved AdSense account in my previous article and that will guide you.

What are the ways to make money using AdSense?

You can earn money using the AdSense account. Guidance is below.

What is the minimum page views required for a site to get accepted?

I think there is no minimum limit. But a website with more than thousand page views per month is enough to get accepted by AdSense. After acceptance, one can display ads on even very low traffic websites.

I am an Indian blogger. What should I do for my blog getting approved by AdSense?

Your website should be at least six months old even to apply for an AdSense account if you are an Indian. Try to optimize your site for AdSense during those six months. This article will help you.

How many ad units can I display on a page?

You can have up to three AdSense content ad units, two AdSense for search boxes and three link units.

What are the places where I should not place ads?

  • You should not place ads near the navigation links.
  • You should not place ads under a title which will mislead users to click the ads. For example, placing the ads below the title “check out our sponsors”.
  • You should not place ads on a page which contains only hyperlinks.
  • Don’t place ads on a page where content is changing dynamically (For instance, chat pages, instant messaging pages etc.).
  • Don’t place ads on error pages like 404.
  • You should not align ads with images.
  • You Should not place ads in email messages.
  • Don’t use ads in software applications.
  • Don’t place ads on a page which has only Iframes.
  • Don’t place ads on thank you pages, registration pages or any such type of pages.
  • Don’t place ads on popup windows.
  • Don’t place ads on a page which shows pop-up ads.
  • Never display ads on a website which has copyright infringement materials and content which do not comply with AdSense terms and policies.
  • Never place AdSense ads on an unsupported language website.
  • Don’t display ads on offensive and adult sites.

If you like to know more about legal and illegal ad placements read this AdSense guide.

AdSense related issue – 1

I can’t login to my account

Try the login troubleshooter and follow the steps.  If you can’t find solution submit the issue to AdSense.

AdSense related issue – 2

I have tried to apply to AdSense using my email1. I received a mail from AdSense and it said I have an already approved AdSense account associated with my email2. I was surprised and tried to login to AdSense using email2. But I could not. There I got a message that the account is not a valid AdSense account. What is the reason for that?

I think you don’t have an approved AdSense account for the email2. You might have submitted an application using your email2 and have not verified using the verification mail you received. So, check for the verification mail in the email2. If it’s not found, go to this link and give your mail to resend the verification email.

AdSense related issue – 3

My Blogger dashboard shows that my website received 500 page views today. But in the AdSense dashboard it shows only 200 ad views. What is the reason for that?

That is because, your Blogger stats is inclusive of all the traffic come from robots, spam websites and other spam activities. But AdSense won’t count this traffic. Also, if a user disabled JavaScript in his browser, the AdSense ads will not be displayed. So the page views will not be counted in ad views.

Can I use AdSense ads along with other ads?

Yes. But, the other ads should not have the look and feel of AdSense theme. That means they should not have the same styles (colour, background etc.) as like AdSense ads. Also, there should be a difference between your ads and AdSense ads. Never place both the ads joining together. Place ads in such a way that users understand both the ads are different.

What should I avoid after getting approved AdSense account? Or what should I do not to get banned from AdSense?

  • Obey AdSense rules and regulations.
  • You should completely avoid clicking on your own ads or asking friends to click.
  • You should not get traffic from paid to click and paid to surf services. If you do so, your account might be banned.
  • Never get traffic to your website using automatic traffic exchange websites.
  • You should not buy paid traffic for your site.
  • You should be very cautious on the number ad units that are displayed per page. Never place more ad units than the permitted. Displaying more than specified, will make your account get banned.
  • Avoid hosting your website on a free hosting service.
  • Never alter the AdSense ad code.
  • Avoid linking illegal websites.
  • Never try to create another AdSense account. If you do so, your current account will be banned. Use only one AdSense account for all your business.
  • Never use others’ materials.
  • Use ads in your website only. Never send ads by email.
  • Never share or publish your AdSense earning information in public.
  • Avoid sharing negative notions about AdSense.
  • There are some pages and places where you should not display AdSense ads. They are listed above in this article.

I gave some important AdSense FAQs to help you understand more about AdSense. Hope this helps you.  If you have more ideas, please share with me.

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