How to Install WordPress on HostGator?

Have you purchased a hosting account from HostGator? Have you mapped your domain to HostGator hosting? Are you ready to install WordPress and start blogging? Come, let’s install WordPress on HostGator. I have repeatedly said WordPress is the best blogging software almost in all the articles on RIS, since most of the bloggers who want to make money blogging rely on it. HostGator is one of the top and cheap hosting services. They provide the feature called Quick Install to install famous open source software in one click.  The HostGator baby plan is suitable for hosting unlimited websites and it is worth enough too. If you have planned to create a blog and have not purchased a hosting, I recommend you to get a hosting from HostGator as I am their happy customer. You can use the coupon code RIS25PERCERNT to get 25% off on the total billing. Now, in this article you will learn how to install WordPress on HostGator shared hosting.

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Installing WordPress on HostGator

Guide to Install WordPress on HostGator

To install with ease, we have to use Quick Install feature given by HostGator. If we do so, no need to create any database or do some settings to install WordPress. Manual WordPress installation is a time consuming one. So, in this guide I am focusing on quick install feature of the HostGator shared hosting.

  • Login to your HostGator hosting control panel. You can find WordPress QuickInstall feature in two ways. As HostGator is optimized for WordPress, there is a direct link to install it on the left sidebar. Under the WordPress Hosting section, click on the Install Now button.install wordpress on hostgator method-1 Or, scroll down the page and find QuickInstall icon which is under Software/Services. Click on it.install wordpress on hostgator method-2
  • On the left side of the next page, under the Blog Software, choose WordPress.hostgator quick install page choose wordpress
  • Now you will get the WordPress installation page. Click on the Continue button.hostgator quick install wordpress
  • Then fill your blog details. Choose the domain on which you wish to install WordPress. If you want to install it in a subdirectory like ‘’, type ‘blog’ after the ‘/’.hostgator install wordpress fill details
  • Never choose ‘admin’ as your admin username. Because, hackers can easily hack your site. Choose a username which will arrest readers’ or hackers’ mind from getting clues. Make sure you entered a valid email address as the password details will be sent to you via email. After filling all details, click on the Install Now! button.

WordPress will be installed within five minutes. Everything will be configured and you will get the details about the installation both on that page and through a mail. Now, you can login to your WordPress admin panel by visiting the link (replace with your domain). There are some plugins that HostGator might install by default with WordPress. You may deactivate them, if you wish. Do whatever settings you think that are essential and start blogging.

You have just learned how to install WordPress on HostGator. Start learning WordPress and do blogging in a professional way. There are some tips I have given in the article “tips for blogging”. Read it and make use of it. If you want some ideas for blogging go through this article, blog ideas that make money.

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