How to Map BigRock Domain to HostGator Shared Hosting?

We have learned how to buy domain and hosting for our blog. In that article, I recommended you to register domain names at BigRock and hosting at HostGator. BigRock is one of the top domain registrars in India. They provide hosting too. But, when it comes to WordPress hosting, they are not the best. HostGator and BlueHost are some of the best hosting services, especially for self-hosted WordPress. I use HostGator, and never faced any issue. So, it is a pleasure to recommend it. I registered all my domains in BigRock as they are cheap domain providers. I am using a baby hosting plan in HostGator which is suitable to host unlimited websites. In this tutorial you will learn how to map Bigrock domain to HostGator hosting. The steps are almost the same for other domain services too.

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Steps to Map BigRock Domain to HostGator

We need to change the default Name Servers of the BigRock domain into the HostGator Name Servers. You can find the Name Servers in your hosting control panel. Already you should have added your primary domain at the time of registration. So, you now need to just change the Name Servers of it.

  • Login to your HostGator control panel. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. On the left sidebar, you can get your account information. The two Name Servers will be like They are the ones you need.step-1-finding-name-servers-in-hostgator
  • Now open a new tab in your browser, login to your BigRock panel, view all orders and choose a domain name which you want to map to HostGator.step-2-list-of-orders
  • On the next page, in the Domain Registration section, click on the Name Servers link.Step-3-change-name-server-in-bigrock
  • You will get a popup showing the four active Name Servers which are provided by BigRock. Delete all.step-4-delete-the-name-servers
  • Now go to the HostGator panel. Copy the Name Servers, come to Bigrock panel and paste them in the first two fields. Then click on the Update Name Servers button.step-5-add-the-hostgator-name-servers
  • If any message issued by BigRock like ‘Name Servers are not configured properly’, ignore it. That is all. The Name Servers will be updated.success-message

It may take up to 48 hours for the Name Servers to take effect and to properly propagate your domain name. It took 5 hours for to come live.  After your domain is ready, you can install WordPress and start blogging. You may choose any blogging software you wish. But, WordPress is the best one. I explained the reason why I am using WordPress and HostGator in my first blog post.

Adding a New Domain to HostGator

If you want to map a new BigRock domain to HostGator, add the domain as given below and change the Name Servers as already seen.

  • Login to HostGator Scroll the page and find the Domains section. Click on Addon Domains.step-1-addon-domain
  • On the next page enter your domain name. Choose an FTP Username and the root folder. HostGator will suggest them based on the domain you entered. You may leave those fields as they are to choose them or type your own.step-2-fill-the-details
  • For strong password, use the Password Generator. Click on the Password Generator A light box will open. Then generate a password, copy it in a safe place and click on Use Password.steps-3-password-generation
  • Then click on the Add Domain button.step-4-add-domain
  • You will get the success message. Click on the Back button.success
  • Now under the Modify Addon Domain section, you can get the information about the domain you added. Use the document root to upload files to your site.addon-domain-information
  • Then you have to add Name Servers to the domain in BigRock panel as already explained.


Like this way, you can map domains to HostGator hosting. After your domain is properly propagated, you could install WordPress or any blogging software and start blogging. If you want topics for your blog read this article, blog ideas that make money.

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