Tips for Blogging – Read this before Starting Your Blog

Do you want to create your blog and do blogging as your profession? If yes, this guide is for you. Here in this article we discuss about what to know before starting a business through our blog and I give you some tips for blogging that are essential that you should know before starting a blog. If you want to make money from blogging, you need to know few means. You have to work hard with dedication to get success in any business. Before trying or starting something new you have to prepare for that both mentally and technically. I am sure this article will prepare you to start your own blog. Take this article as a guide to get success.

Blogging has a great potential to earn money. There are some bloggers who earn millions of dollars from their blog. You too can make money from blogging. As internet usage is increasing day by day this is the right time to start a blog. We know the proverb “Strike while the iron is hot”. So, these blog tips will be of great help to you to make a successful blogging career and you have to consider them seriously and put into practice. All the things you have to do or should know before starting blogging and keep in mind to make use in the future are given below.

21 points to know before starting a blog

1.Believe in God

This might look like a joke for some people. But, I personally feel God is everything. So, one should always pray to god before starting anything. We could live a happy life only when God showers His blessings. So, always believe in God that He can do wonders and change the unbelievable things to believable one. Pray and trust God in all your ups and downs. You might become a busy blogger one day. But, keep in touch with God daily.  Here I quote a Thirukkural which says Give first preference to God in your life, written by Thiruvalluvar, the great Tamil poet.

Thirukkural Chapter-1, Couplet-2

No fruit have men of all their studied lore,
Save they the ‘Purely Wise One’s’ feet adore


What Profit have those derived from learning, who worship not the good feet of Him who is possessed of pure knowledge?

2.Believe in You and be Optimistic

One who does not believe himself will not succeed. A man can achieve anything if he believes in him. So, never get sad when you are not getting the results you expect and never get lazy when you get more results than you expected. You are going to blog what you know very well and you have the ability and talent. So, be confident and go ahead.

“Where there is a Will, there is a Way”. So, do hardworking and be confident and you will become a professional blogger soon.  Always be an optimistic person and throw out the negative thoughts from you. Try to overcome the problems you face through your positive thoughts. I recommend you to read the Book, You can win which will surely help you to build positive thoughts and optimistic approach.

3.Be Prepared to be Patient and Never Give up

Can you make money from blogging? Yes, you can but sometimes with patience. One could not get an overnight success. Don’t give up until you succeed. There are many bloggers who have got success after two years. Some bloggers do all their hardworking, but give up at the last moment. But, the tragedy is if they had continued for some more time, they would have got tremendous success than others. So, keep on posting articles and having patience are the keys to succeed.

4.Have the Qualities Hardworking, Dedication and Uniqueness

These are the three essential qualities one should have to become a winner. Do hardworking with dedication and you are sure to get 70 percent success. Be unique to get the remaining 30 percent. You have to be different from others. Be a lion and not like sheep. One should identify you even in the huge crowd. So, choose an own path and never try to write articles like the others and you choose your unique way to explain and narrate something.

5.Have the Reading Habit

Read others’ blogs in your free time. Try to read some good books to make you feel better. Reading habit will teach you new things and help you to come up with new ideas. “Reading is Good Habit”.

6.Create Social Profiles

Social networks play a vital role in promoting our articles. You can share your articles to social network friends and they will visit your blog and might become a regular reader. So, you should create social profiles and make friends before starting a blog. Some of the best social networks are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus.

7.Keep in Mind that a Blog is not Free

To become a professional blogger, you need to invest money. There are some essential needs like domain and hosting and they would cost at least $100 per years. Plan your budget by listing out all the things you need and analyze them to cut the unnecessary expenses. So, be prepared to spend money to face the mandatory needs.

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8.Find a Perfect Niche for Your Blog

This matter is explained more clearly in the article How to Start a Blog?”. Yet, I explain it briefly here.  You have to choose what topics you blog about. This can be done in three steps.

  1. Find your interest.
  2. Find hot topics on the internet.
  3. Match them with your interest and choose a perfect topic for your blog.

9.Learn these Things before Starting a Blog

It is better to learn something before trying it than learning it by trial and error methods. It saves your time and accesses you to get success quickly.

Learn Blogging

There are some persons who are experts in blogging. Follow their guides, experiences and difficulties they faced in blogging.

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Some useful books:

I recommend you to read the following books to learn everything about blogging.

Learn WordPress

As self hosted WordPress platform is the best choice to start a blog, you have to learn it to manage your blog with ease. You can learn WordPress from its official website itself.

Some useful books:

To learn WordPress in and out I recommend you to read the following books.

Learn SEO

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. As a blogger, you should learn this to optimize your blog for search engines to get huge traffic. SEO Book is a website where you can learn SEO from scratch and get latest updates. Also download this SEO Guide from Google.

Some useful books:

Learn Online Marketing

Marketing affiliate products or our own products on our blog and social networks is called online marketing. This is also called as E-Marketing or web marketing. We have to make use the power of the internet to promote our business to make it successful.

Some useful books:

10.Be an Expert in Your Field

You should have enough knowledge to write a good article in the niche you have chosen to blog. You should also must have in-depth knowledge to explain every concept clearly to your visitors and clarify their doubts. So, it is better to learn more about the topic you select for blogging, from the internet.

11.Plan and Organize

After finding your interest, plan about the concepts to blog. List out them and take hints. For example, list out articles’ titles and note important points that should be included. According to them choose some categories under which you are going to post the articles on your blog. Arrange articles based on the category. Create a strategy to make the future blog promotion and management easier.

12.Decide Your Type of Audience

Choose the audience you want to target. For example, if you want to target visitors from US, you have to write articles about famous topics in US. Similarly, if you want to target users who search for some products to purchase, you write review articles and if possible promote those products to get commissions.

13.Name Your Blog

Your blog name should be unique and attract visitors. After planning and organizing your topics and deciding your type of audience, it is easy to choose a name for your blog. This name would be your blog title and may be used in the domain name too. So, try to list out all the names coming to your mind and choose a catchy one among them.

14.Prepare Content First

Before starting blogging, write some articles in advance. This will be helpful after starting to blog and you can post articles continuously to attract the visitors. So, you can concentrate on blog settings and customization for the first few days.

15.Never Expect too Much

As I have already said, success can be achieved step by step. Too much of expectations is one of the reasons for failures. Never mind if you are not making money from your blog at least for the first three months. Just post quality articles and welcome readers. Try to find your readers’ interests and write articles based on that and promote them through all the ways you know. Hence this will make your blog popular. Then concentrate more on money making.

16.Never Waste Time

Social media presence is essential in blogging. But, we have to use it in a right way. Some are addicted to social networks. They spend most of their day to share their status updates. I feel they are wasting time. We have to manage time and utilize it usefully. Making friends is necessary. But, try to avoid indulging in unnecessary conversations. Instead, use the same social media for a purpose that is to get traffic to your blog.

Never waste your time in real life too, like taking more recreation. But, spending some time for doing exercise and playing will refresh you always. Time management is the main key to get success.

17.Write Original Content

Keep on posting articles in a regular interval once you started a blog. But, be sure that what you post is your original content. Just copy pasting others’ content will affect your blog. If your content is not original, your user will not love your blog and it will lead to failure. Search engines will give a penalty to your blog by not indexing it and your blog may be deleted by the hosting provider.

18.Add Value to the Readers

Try to read the mindset of your blog readers. Analyze what they want and what type of articles you should write to engage them. Post articles which add value to your readers. Never post unnecessary and unwanted articles.

19.Never Act, Be Honest

Be as you are. Psychology says “You are Your Thoughts”. Never act like as if you are a genius. If your readers ask something and you don’t know the answer, better not post the wrong answer. When you are promoting a product, be honest in your review. Don’t exaggerate and promote something just for the sake of making money. While writing articles, keep in mind that you should not hide the facts from the readers.

20.Be Ready to Face Criticism

It is natural that we receive criticism for everything we do and bloggers are not exceptional for this. Thank your readers for their appreciations and try to accept their constructive comments and better your articles. Being neutral in terms of emotions, both good and bad is the behaviour of people who attain great success.

21.Be Consistent

Finally, be consistent throughout your blogging career. Posting one article now and another article next month will not help you to build a strong reader base for your blog. Post articles regularly at least two articles per week, even if you are not getting the desired outcome just to engage your readers.


You have to consider the above mentioned points before starting your blog. These blogging tips are given to prepare you for starting your blogging career and I hope you like this article. Is there anything I missed out? If you feel anything is important to know before starting to make money from a blog or you just want to mention any tips for blogging, you are most welcome to comment.

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