What is Blogging and How can it Help You?

Here on this blog in the near future, you will get articles which will help you to start your own professional blog. But, before going deep into making money using a blog or creating alternative income source online, there are some aspects you should know. So, we will be discussing them one by one from now onwards. This article is written to guide newbies on what is blogging, useful terms in blogging and why you should start your own blog.

What is a Blog?

This word is derived from the word web log which means an online diary. A blog is a dynamic website where you publish articles of your interest, personal views or opinions about something. You post articles and the very recent articles will be at the top so that your blog readers can see the latest topics on the home page (you can change the order though). A blog can be maintained by a sole owner or a group of members.

What is Blogging?

Blogging means sharing your thoughts on a blog. You can share the things you are passionate about or your knowledge to the world. Anyone can create a blog and share his ideas with its readers. This will help others to learn from your experience. Blogging enables us to create an online community about something.

Bloggers/ Blog Authors

They are the persons who do blogging on blogs. A blog can have more than one author. Among them admin is the one who manages the other authors and has the full control of the blog. Webmaster is the term used to represent the admin of a blog or website.

Blog Members

They are the followers or registered users. They act as active users and post comments. Some blogs require membership to post comments. For example, this website is a blog and I am a blogger. So, I am writing this article for this blog which is called blogging.

A blog can also act as a social website. Because multiple authors may post articles and the blog members can post comments. So the blog should have interactivity to look like a social website.

What is Blogging

Picture to explain about what is blogging through Six Important Activities We Do on A Blog.

Video Blogging and Photo Blogging

These are the terms becoming very popular now. Photoblog is a blog especially for photo sharing and publishing. Photoblogging means doing blogging on a photoblog. Photoblogs will have mainly pictures and a post may contain only photos or photos of an event or anything and some texts explaining them.

Similarly a video blog that may be termed as v-log or vlog is for video sharing and publishing. You may also embed videos from video sharing websites like YouTube in the posts and explain it with some brief text.

What are the Differences between a Blog and a Website?

If what is blogging or what is a blog were the first question, this would be the second question raised by the newbies. I will try to answer it in my way. A blog is a digital magazine. That means your most recent content will be there on the home page (You can show old contents if you wish). But in websites the home page will be the same and it will not change according to the recent content. So, simply saying a website is static and a blog is dynamic.

Single or few pages are more than enough to create a website. But blog needs to be updated regularly. Generally people create websites for a specific topic or small niche, like about a firm, an actor, a product etc. But the blog need not to be created for a particular topic. Of course, a professional blog should be niche specific. But in general, there are no limitations on number of articles we are posting. A blog can have an enormous number of articles and it can be easily managed by any blogging software.

For example, consider a company which promotes a specific product. It creates both a website and a blog for product promotion. Let’s see how they look like. The website will have a few pages explaining about the product like its features, shipping time, shipping place and what is it all about. The blog will have the latest updates, events conducted by them, awards and current news about the product.

Blogging Platforms

A blogging platform is a web-based platform or software which can be used to create a blog and manage it. To create a blog you need to choose a blogging platform. There are many web based blogging platforms available and they are of two types. One is hosted and the other is self hosted. Let’s see them in details.


In hosted blogging we no need to host any CMS (Content Management System). Blogger and WordPress are the best among them. They give all you need like visual html editor and hosting space for your files. Blogger provides an option of adding your own scripts in your blog so that you can earn money. But you need to be a premium member in WordPress to do so. Also Blogger is very easy to use, well-known and very good for beginners. But, it lacks SEO features. Not only Blogger, most of the hosted blogging platforms have less SEO features or we have to pay more to avail them.

Self Hosted:

Self hosted means hosting the blog CMS at your own risk in your own server or server provided by some hosting services like HostGator. We should not host our blog in free hosting services as they are not reliable, and they may delete our account at any time. Professional blog needs some investments and buying hosting space is one among them. Also, there are hundreds of blog CMS available. But, WordPress is the topmost one. It is trusted by millions of bloggers and has limitless features. As I already said WordPress hosted blogging platform has some limitations like we could not add our own widgets, themes and plugins. But, if we self host the WordPress CMS, we can overcome them.

How Blogging is Useful for You?

Initially, blogs are used to share authors’ personal experiences with its readers. It was termed as a personal diary. But today the term blog has a different meaning. They are mostly used for business purpose. Many of the top websites are blogs. Every company wishes to create a blog and there are some professional bloggers who blog to teach others and thereby making money. Many companies hire professional bloggers to write for their blogs. Also, Blogging is one of the universal hobbies and many want to learn it.

A blog can be used as meditation or yoga for utilizing the internet in an efficient way. What I am trying to say is, if you are a very serious blogger, when blogging you will also learn since you should refer about what you are going to blog. Also you never waste time and your mind is channeled in a right path. It is a rich and useful hobby for everyone. There is a sure possibility to earn money in blogging if we take it seriously. That’s why I compare blogging to meditation and yoga.

So, to make use of your free time and generate revenue, it is useful if you start your own blog. Remember, as I’ve said in my first blog post, this is a competitive world and the number of professional bloggers who make money by working at home is increasing day by day. So, it’s better that you take the right decision at the right time. Even if you are a full-time worker in a company, it is a wise idea to create an alternative source of income through your blog. I will post articles about how to make money from your blog later.

Useful Topics for Blogging

If you wish to blog as a hobby, there is no need to create it for a specific content theme. But if you want to create it for business purpose, it will be better if you choose a particular niche.

Some example topics are technology, blogging, Blogger tutorials, affiliate marketing, programming tutorials, software download, software reviews, politics, money making tips, internet, WordPress, Android, App creation, religion, human morals, travel, daily news, sports, culture, science and personal experiences. Discuss and write articles of the topic that demands. While browsing internet find the hot topics and try to match them with your passion and based on that choose your blog niche.

Popular Blogs

I have listed some of the most popular blogs. Just check them and analyze how they select topics and organize their sites. This will be helpful for you to get some ideas before starting your own blog.

You Turn

You learned about what is blogging and its importance. It is well and good even if you wish to start a personal blog and it will help you to learn new things and use your free time effectively. If you need any clarification you are most welcome to comment. What would be your answer if I ask you, “Do you wish to start a blog?”.

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